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My husband and I’s first date. A date to beat all others.

Today is the anniversary of my husband and I’s first date.  A date to beat all others, for sure.  Seriously, it was the best date I’ve ever been on. It also included the most memorable kiss I’ve ever had… well, aside from my wedding night smooches, which are also still imbedded in my brain and body.  And the best partner dancing I’ve ever had.

My husband and I think of this date fondly, and when we can, we celebrate it.  We also remember it easily every year because it is the birthday of a dear friend, whose birthday party I took my husband to that night for our first date.

What to say about it?

That night, we spent most of the evening dancing: wildly, goofily, sexily. Just an all out dance fest.  It involved every kind of genre, in every kind of way– it was so satisfyingly free, easy, impulsive, and fun.  It was like, swing dance meet pajama party, meet Dirty Dancing (the movie).  Later (when we were dating) my husband told me he couldn’t dance.  And I was like, “What!!?? What about our first date?”  Aimee n Jason

He said, “Yeah, I don’t know, I’ve never been able to dance like that before.  That was the first time.”  If you could have seen him on the dance floor that night this statement would also astonish you.

That night, a perfect stranger said to us “You two look like a Christmas card!” and he pretended to take our photo.

That night, the moment that my husband first put his arms around me someone started reading this poem aloud.  (For real.)


When the right thing comes along from two directions

and runs into itself in some improbable place

the collision can shatter mere dreams of affection

with the head-on reality of a bang-up embrace.

Love is the always that life is made of

Love is the always hope of love

Though fancy may toy with a reckless pursuit

of dazzling encounters in faraway weather

there is no delight elsewhere that can substitute

for the everyday squeeze of here and together.

Love is the ever that life is made of 

Love is the ever home of love

From summer to summer with kingsize caress

renewals grow sweeter than beds of whipped cream.

So reaffirm firmly what began with a Yes

and praise the right thing that improved on the dream.

Love is the only that life is made of

Love is the only cure for love.

– James Broughton

It makes me teary just thinking about it.

P1010263I often think that if I wrote up our story in a romantic comedy film no one would actually believe it was true.  They’d be like, “That was some clever writing!”  So thank you Universe!  For such clever writing, for such a fun and dynamic and clear ring of YES!  For a union that makes my whole world shine just that much brighter.  For home.

Happy anniversary of our first date to my one and only, my favorite man alive!  I’m grateful inside and out.  Life is so much brighter with you by my side.



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