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If you only know one self-help tool your whole life this is the one to know.

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If you only know one self-help tool in your whole life this is the one to know: Tapping.  First of all it takes very little time (I’m talking seconds).  And it’s immediately effective.  On anything.  I mean that, ANY-THING.

Are you frustrated, sad, mad, overweight, not making enough money?  Do you have a headache?  Is someone annoying you? Are you afraid? Worried? Stressed out about your job? Does your back hurt? Do you have a deep-seated negative belief that is holding you back from getting what you want?  Maybe something truly terrible has happened to you in your life? Maybe you have a phobia?  I mean that, this tool can be used on anything.  Anywhere.  All you need is the know-how how to do it, and your own hand.

Basically it consists of a tapping nine different points on your body and presto, you feel better.  Totally serious.  The way I describe it is this.  When you tapping-points-numbered1experience extreme negative emotions (because let’s face it, we’re not trying to get rid of the good ones!), it’s like your body’s circuits are running in on themselves.  Meaning instead of flowing through your body and out as is their healthy way, they have turned back in on themselves and keep re-running the same heightened negative experience.  To you, it can feel like you’re playing the same terrible emotional or agitating record over and over.  Whether this is a deep-seated negative belief or a worry about the current specifics of you life, it sucks.  Tapping helps take care of it.  By tapping on certain places in your body (also called meridian points) and telling your body the issue you are working on, you right the direction.

What it feels like after you do the series of taps (appox. 40 seconds) is that you suddenly aren’t as bugged, mad, or sad, etc.  Results ensue immediately.  If you’ve still got some left, you can tap the series again.  I always think that it is important to note, especially if you are dealing with serious emotional issues or occurrences in your life, it doesn’t make you forget them, it just takes the negative emotional charge out of it.aimee cartier tapping best tool you ever need to know pin-002

This process is also called EFT.  When I learned of it first (about a decade ago) the process was a bit longer, not that much longer mind you, but now the experts have been working with it for quite a long time and they’ve fine tuned it down to only nine points on your body you need to know.

This is hands down the best healing, self-help, and positive life enhancing tool I’ve ever known.  I’ve been using it on myself for years, teaching it to my friends and clients, and now I use it on my children too.  (Sometimes my son actually requests to be tapped!)  So when I found out that Nick Ortner had a book out on it I was so excited to check it out and see if it was something I could recommend.  It is.  Put it in your library.  Spend a half an hour with it, and you can use it the rest of your life. 

Nick does a great job of explaining it, and describing all of the myriad ways you can actually use it.  He also does a nice job of referencing its history (that was important to me) without boring you.  I highly recommend it.  In fact he has two, he’s just come out with another one specifically for dealing with physical pain called, The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief.  And his sister, Jessica Ortner, has a book out on it called, The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence .

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Nick also has a great website (in which you can get the CD for free), a great blog with tons of different articles on using tapping in different ways, and a new movie out on it (I haven’t seen it yet, but I just requested it from the library.)  You can also put “Tapping Solution” and “Nick Ortner” into a You Tube search and get lots of different videos stat.

So there you have it: plenty of places to get this information literally straight to your finger tips!

I think you’ll love it.  Everyone I know who knows it does

All my love,


Aimée Cartier is an author and psychic who specializes in helping her clients discover their best steps in life and align with their own highest good.  More about her work and booking a session can be found on her website: www.spreadingblessings.com

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