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My husband is THE best date but maybe not for the reasons you might think.

Recently my husband and I spent our first 26 hours ever together away from our kids.  The grandparents were in town and spent the night with the little people so Jason and I got to have a real overnight date!  You know, like we got to choose what we wanted to do and when. We got to go out and eat good (Indian) food.  We got to spend the night at a friend’s condo in the city of Seattle.  (Which explains why we were having good Indian food– since we weren’t on our tiny fair isle.) We got to pick a comedy club to go to and then cancel that decision when we were too full from our dinner, and decided to go back and play scantily clad Scrabble instead.

husband best date


It was divine.

But for me, the highlights were probably not the things that one might think.  The first one came in the form of a conversation that totally exemplifies what I love about us.  It came as I was in primping for our date.

J: Honey, what are you doing?

Me: I’m getting pretty for you.

J: Nice.  What are you going to do about those bags under your eyes?  (Now if you don’t know him, you might read this as rude.  But what it is, is off the cuff funny.  He wasn’t actually commenting about my face, (Well maybe he was, wink.  I don’t really know or care.) but he couldn’t even see it.  He was simply making a joke, at my expense– which I thought was funny.  I like that about him.  I like that about us.)

And in the same beat I replied:

Me: I’m going to use my eyeliner to draw an arrow up my cheek so that everyone else can enjoy them too.

J: Oh good.

aimee cartier blog pedis with my manMy other favorite moment with him was getting pedicures together!  That’s right.  We both got pedicures.  Sunday morning pedis.  I didn’t even have to convince him– which is primarily what I love about him, even more than that we did it.  He’s basically just game for anything.  It started as a joke the day before when we kept walking by this pedicure place AND there was always at least one man inside, which probably gave us the idea in the first place.  The next morning, after a leisurely stay-in morning, and a decent breakfast at a fun restaurant, we were both lowering our feet in a basin of warm water.

I laughed the whole time.  Mostly at the things that were coming out of my husband’s mouth.  Things like, “Look at that beet red chicken foot!” when his foot came out of the water.  And I have to tell you, it TOTALLY looked like that!  I didn’t get a photo– I’ll leave it to your imagination.  But seriously, chicken foot. Beet red.

And then this:

Me: Honey are you going to get a color?

J: No, I’m just going to have her slather me in a clear coat of anti-fungal.

In any case, he is my absolute favorite date.  A fact I’m grateful for so often in my life– even when I don’t get him all to myself for 26 hours like I did last weekend.

pedis with the husband aimee cartier blog

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Also if you like pedicures and jokes, you’ll totally want to see Angela Johnson’s “Nail Salon” stand-up comedy skit. So funny.

Aimée Cartier is a psychic and intuition teacher.  She used her own intuition to find this stellar man, 🙂 and has been happy about it ever since.  More about her work can be found here: www.spreadingblessings.com.

husband best date aimee cartier blog

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