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BIG VISIONING! Why? It’s fun.

I’m not big on resolutions. But I am big on visioning.

Naturally, at this time of year, possibly like you, I find myself ruminating on where I want to go next. I love to envision where I’m going. I find it satisfying and necessary.

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I’ve done something like this many years; but it became imperative once I had children. Mostly because, much of the spaces in between my work– okay almost all– are filled with my family. They take up enormous amount of emotional and psychic space in my life. And if I don’t take the time to jot down where I’m going—who I am when I am not with them, if I don’t take the time to notice, vision, remember, and make actionable goals pointed in the direction that serves my bigger vision I may forget. Seriously, it feels that way sometimes when you’ve got two littles clamoring for snacks and trips to the park.

It’s easy to get overridden by the necessary minutia that fills a day. I don’t want that for myself, or my family. I want to be ever heading toward my goals; the lofty and the practical ones. I want to be aiming the time I do have with the actions that move me toward these dreams.

There are two things I know about myself that come into play for me at this time of year.

One, while optimistic, I am also highly realistic about what I can accomplish in terms of the amount of time it takes to actually do things. Typically at the end of December I take stock. I create pretty realistic and actionable items that I want to have accomplished by this time next year.

Two, my life has generally walked a very organic path. And I’m not talking about food (although that is applicable!). What I mean is that how things come to me in my life is natural—they take the time they need and should. A tree takes time to grow. First it is a seed in the dark earth, then it shoots roots no one can see, eventually a stem breaks the surface—still the time between that moment and the one where the blooms are popping in full awe-inspiring springtime glory is not overnight. I’ve never been an overnight huge success; in almost anything. My life is composed of organic movement. I think most people’s are.

Earlier in my life I found this frustrating and trying. Now that I’m older I can see the immense treasures I gained from this slow walking. I didn’t marry until I was 36. I spent years fine-tuning myself and understanding myself in relationship before I met MY MAN. That wasn’t “on accident.”

The overwhelming majority of my clients are from referral, not internet searches.

My book sells steadily, and is beloved by those who find it, but I never took the time to grandly launch it.


When I was in my 20’s and 30’s I used to want things fast. And honestly as a seer sometimes it has been excruciatingly frustrating just how long things take. Because I frequently see and feel what is coming, the waiting for it, in some periods of my life has been so tiresome. In some cases it took years (literally) for that experience to appear– and yet I could feel it there vibrant and waiting.

I’m not sure exactly why—maybe it’s my age. Maybe it’s because I am a mother now and my commitments are multi-tiered– I’m okay with the pace things take. I didn’t want to leave my babies to do speaking engagements all over the place. I wanted to be where I was. I’ve gotten very accustomed to this measured thinking and progress. In fact I’m more at home with it than I have ever been in my life. I kid you not that during the first year of my second child’s life I feel as though all the progress I made was enacted in 15 minute intervals “randomly” spaced throughout the year. Still, I did progress, move forward, gain momentum, and accomplish goals.

I now have an Intuition University in its second year with my third new program starting in February! I can see the progress I’ve made and I’m pleased. I’m proud of the quality I’ve been able to create by taking steady measured steps toward my goals.

Still right now, during this visioning time, I’ve been getting a different sort of message.

It’s time to think BIG. It’s time to make room for big movements, wide jumps, and grand flights. My roots are in the ground, and I now have magical and strong wings that can take me places. (I’m not really a tree. I’m a mythical and magical being– as you might have guessed, me being a psychic and all.) It’s time to leave more room for mystery and magic: for things to happen in surprising ways, not JUST nose to the grindstone ways!

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So this year, on my “Open for Possibility List” as I’m calling it, I’ve got on it a few of what I consider lofty things.  One of them I even consider a bit crazy: “Being on the Ellen DeGeneres” show!  Now I feel obligated to confess I’ve never actually seen the Ellen Degeneres show!! Hahah!  Still I’ve thought to myself—you know if I was ever going to be on a talk show—that’s one I would want to be on. Ellen’s funny—it’s not all “This is a serious way to make your dreams happen.” It’s amusing, goofy, informative (Probably– right? I should really watch it!), entertaining—just like life.

So wish me luck!  I’ll have to put a few action points behind this vision if I’m going to take myself seriously. If YOU want to help me you can nominate me to meet Ellen! 🙂 But hey, Ellen TV or not, I’m loving this feeling of THINKING BIG!

I hope you do too!

2017 here we come!

Whether you are on the organic road or experiencing a magical shortcut right now I’m grateful our paths crossed in 2016.

For 2017 I wish you the perfect combination of vision, action, and mythical magic.

See you next year!

Har har har har! ( I know, it’s sooo not funny!) 😉



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