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Your soul’s capacity to endure and weave beauty is vast and inspiring.

For some reason I don’t talk about soul that much—although it is intricately woven into everything I do. My readings for example—give my clients the information they need to align with their own soul—their own Highest Knowing—the particulars and the openings of the life paths that serve their Highest Goods.

Sometimes the path is obvious and pretty—from the inside out.  Sometimes the particulars are grueling but necessary and still ultimately bring goodness.  (The period of my life of having two babies under three-years-old comes to mind.  Let me sum it up for you in one word: Brutal. That’s still my only accurate over-arching word for that time period.)

I once had a client whose husband had taken some unexpected health turns—so much so that the necessary medicine he was now permanently on had changed him completely.  It was so hard for her that she had been toying with leaving and brought that question—among others to me.  Looking down her life’s course I could see that should she make that decision she would never forgive herself.  I could see that it would bring a shadow upon her life that she wouldn’t rid herself of—and would regret until her last breath.  What she actually needed was huge support (which I could also see was available to her) to make this time of her life happen—to make the caretaking of him bearable for her for as long as it lasted.  

I had to tell her some other hard things too—like that she would not get her “old husband” back—meaning the pre-meds man she married and had lived in harmony with for years.  She was, as sometimes happens, in the thick of the “hard business” of life.  Those periods that from time to time happen to all of us that are thick with uphill and slim on the coasting.  And still, I could see that this was her “right course”—meaning the one that would bring her soul the most joy and serenity.  

PC: Britt Nemeth

Do you know what that woman’s response to this news was?  She told me (and others) that her session with me was THE BEST thing that happened to her that day.  

I was struck by her response—because the news I had to deliver to her that day was so weighty.  And yet she was literally shiny-eyed with the truth of it and the acknowledgement of it all.

Because that’s what happens when we hear something that aligns with our truth and gives space for even the hard things we have to face in life—there is a lightening.  Time and space are suddenly made for the depth of our current (even uphill) journey.  The energy of suppression—or trying to suppress or deny the inevitable falls away and what is left is spaciousness and the ability to go on, get help, and move forward in the way that best supports us.

PC: Britt Nemeth

Souls have the ability to endure great things.  AND actually make gold out of the sometimes intense pressure that forces a new evolution in themselves.  I see this time and time again in my work— and it never fails to awe me.

I am constantly struck by how with the shallow eye-glasses of day to day living something that could seem terrible to another—is actually providing such richness and ultimate goodness to a particular soul in the long run.

Once a client’s said of me, “You have such a unique way of turning woes and discouragements into blissful enactments of spirit. ”  I feel that she may have misattributed it to me however.  I don’t do those things!  I’m just the messenger.  The soul and its vastness and capacities are a fine deeply woven tapestry—with both the capacity to spread great beauty and endure great weight—and all of these things contribute to its unique signature and reason for being.

PC: Britt Nemeth

So if you feel you are in the thick of it right now.  I offer you encouragement and the recognition of your immense capacity.  Thank you for carrying on.  There is a top of that hill you are climbing.  I promise.  There always is.  Please remember to rest when you can along the climb—we’re all cheering for you.



Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide, and author. She provides psychic guidance for people who are confused about the steps they need to take to get the best out of their lives. Through 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions she gets them the clarity and insight they need to make the choices that will bring them the most joy and serve their Highest Good. She is known for her clear, accurate insight and her attention to practical details. She is also the founder of Intuition University and Empath Intuition University. More about her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com.

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