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If it works for you– keep doing it. The human body, mind, spirit requires regular maintenance.

You know how when you learn something new it makes such an impact on you? It’s so common that when you first begin something, or when you are taking a class or start a particular practice– it can be sooooooo effective.

And then later… you think, “Well I feel great! I don’t need to meditate anymore!” (Fill in the blank for whatever your practice is.)

But here’s the deal, it’s going to sound obvious, and really it is, and yet we continue to forget it: to get the continued benefits you have to continue the practices.

I teach all kinds of tools to my Empath Intuition University students and every single student I have graduated in my program is absolutely rocking it by the end of our time together. Without exception.  By the end of my program they have learned to manage their empathic ability and have gone on to understanding how they can utilize it as a positive gift for themselves and others.

And then occasionally after a few months I get a text, or a message on our shared WhatsApp group for Empath Graduates that says, “I have not been keeping up with my practices and tools. And it kicked my butt!” Another will chime in with the “Me too!”

But it’s not just them– it’s everyone.

Here is the cycle: You learn a new technique that absolutely works for you. You are focused on it and you do it frequently and it has positive life enhancing effects.

Then… You get lazy.

After a while you start thinking to yourself, “I feel fine! I don’t need to meditate/exercise/clear my energy/set my energetic boundaries anymore.” (Fill in your word there.)

And maybe you don’t. Because you have been doing it regularly for a time­– and when your cup is full you do have a bit of a buffer. That is the beauty of a full cup– you have what you need for a while before you bottom out.

Until… your “buffer” gets used up. And then you find yourself in positions where you are sending texts to your fellow students and teacher to remind yourself of what you know you need to do but have been neglecting.

I don’t mind these texts. Actually I love them. Because they serve as a reminder to us all– in this case to the collective group of Empath Intuition University graduates– that our practices are important and that NOT doing them DOES make a difference.

We all need reminders from time to time. So if you are not one of my students consider this yours.

If you have practices that work for you– that help you remain balanced and stabilize your energy or keep you feeling goooooood– you need to keep doing them. The human body, mind, and spirit DOES need regular maintenance to sustain itself happily. You know that– you have to eat several times a day in order to maintain your energy. If you did not, you would feel it. You may have a buffer there– but it doesn’t last forever.

If you are very sensitive or empathic­ – you are likely to have higher needs than some others. It’s okay– it’s no big deal actually. Especially when you know the practices that work for you. (And if you don’t then see below because my next Empath Intuition University is starting in a few weeks!) Regardless EVERY human body needs regular maintenance to exist happily– neither yours nor mine is an exception.

You can do it. No problem. Just remember what works and do it! Regularly!



Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide, author, and founder of Empath Intuition University (and Intuition University). She teaches empaths the practices that help them manage their empathic ability and transform it from feeling like a burden to a gift.  You can find out more about her empath program, fill out your application, and schedule your free exploratory call here.


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