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My intuition and my mind don’t match: what does that mean?

head sillhouette pic by Roger
head silhouette pic by Roger

Know this: as long as you’re trusting your gut and acting on your intuition, you’ll be in the right place at the right time. That doesn’t mean it will always match where your head thinks you should be though. Here is what I mean:

You know how sometimes you have this feeling in your mind that you should be doing something, but it doesn’t jive with the feeling in your body that you should be doing another? Well that’s one description of this phenomenon.

I couldn’t even count the number of times my intuition has led me to a different place than my mind. It’s that rife in my life. If you are following your intuition too, it will be that present in yours.

ducks in a row pic by wilB
ducks in a row pic by wilB

Sometimes your head tells you that you need to do all these things. That you’ve got to have every duck lined up in a row at this moment in time. Or that you should be focusing on this thing, or talking to those people or… (it goes on and on).

And sometimes what your head says is simply not true. At least not if you want the best outcome for yourself.

At times it can be a simple thing: a matter of how you are allocating your time, or what you are doing with your evening. At other times it’s big, like your next big steps in life: your living, your work, your relationships. Experience has shown me however, that whether I am dealing with a big or a little issue, acting on the intuitive urge ALWAYS leads me right.

 The most recent example in my life would look something like this. I have a regular weekly obligation to a particular project. I have a pretty set amount of hours in the week that I can work on either my own writing and business or this particular project of someone else’s. One day on the day that I had scheduled to work on my friend’s project my whole being was already writing my own articles in my head. I tried to fight it, and tell myself that I should really be fulfilling my other obligation—with what looked like the only available time I had for it that week. But everything in my being was tuned in and focusing on my own work and writing. A couple of minutes in, I just gave into it. The urge in my being was so strong it just seemed pointless to fight it. So I went ahead and got some HUGELY productive writing done.

A couple of days later, on the weekend, a giant block of time (and by that I mean 3-4 hours!) that I wasn’t expecting opened up for me. My husband took the kids somewhere and I suddenly had time to work on my friend’s project.

 So if you need help, here’s how:

Intuition lets the air  into a stuffy mind. pic by Tristan Ferne
Intuition lets the air into a stuffy mind.
pic by Tristan Ferne

Start to recognize the energy that comes from your mind. It’s helpful to know it’s flavor and taste so that you can distinguish it from that which comes from your being, your heart, your Highest Self, your internal knowing.

Like anything, the more you practice this and pay attention the more you will be able to notice the subtle differences. Don’t make it a big deal. Just pay attention.

For example, at its worst my mind talk feels frantic. It has this “Oh my GOD you’ve got to do this NOW or ELSE!” feeling to it. My mind will tell me, “If you don’t do this nothing is going to work out like you want it to/ everything hinges on this action,” etc.

At its best my mind talk feels hollow. It’s like my brain is telling me I need to do something, but it doesn’t match with the energy in my body or what I’m feeling I need to do. As in that day with my writing.

That weekend when a large window of time opened up for me to work on

Intuition makes way for limitless possibilities. pic by Giannis Angelakis
Intuition opens the door for limitless possibilities.
pic by Giannis Angelakis


the other project, it felt magical. Because it had come about from me following my instincts, and not my mind chatter, I felt so grateful for the whole thing. I made huge advancements in my own work that I hadn’t anticipated earlier in the week, and later, I had even more time to focus on my friend’s project.

This is how it is sometimes with intuition. It can on occasion clash with what your mind is telling you. But intuition doesn’t lead you astray. In fact the ability to cue you when your head is leading you off your best course is one of the greatest gifts of your intuition.

As long as you are listening to your gut and acting on it you can trust that you are in the right place at the right time. If you don’t believe me try it out.

And if this makes you recall a moment where this was the case for you—put it in a comment, we’d all love to hear it. Big examples and little examples help a mind adjust!



Aimée is a psychic who specializes in helping her clients align with their own Highest Good and get answers about their next best steps in life. More about that work here: www.spreadingblessings.com.

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