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I’m grateful for my students– they are making the world a better place one interaction at a time.

I just got a text from one of my Empath Intuition University students noticing a pattern she had of over helping, or stepping out of her own energy in order to “please” someone else. The brilliant thing about this was that she noticed what the energetic and physical effects doing so had on her.

It’s can be a subtle thing– at first anyway– when you start to notice how your constantly compromising yourself to “make other people happy.” And I put that in quotes, because I honestly believe that when you are what I call “over helping”– or trying to fill a need just because you feel that it exists– not because you are the best person for the job– it doesn’t actually make other people happy.

There is an energetic signature to everything. You can feel it when you’ve asked someone to overstep what is right for them because of your own need. It doesn’t quite feel right. You know it in your bones. At least I do. And I’d bet that 98% of empaths (if not higher) can notice this subtle energetic shift too.

The challenge for empaths is that frequently they are so busy noticing the need that someone else is having and trying to fulfill it– that they aren’t so aware of how energetically depleting this is to them. Until they are wiped out and exhausted– by something they can’t quite name.

So what does this have to do with me being grateful?

Every one of my Empath Intuition University students makes major positive changes in their life while they are in my program.

The people around them notice.

Their husbands, partners, co-workers, friends say things to them like, “You are in such a good space these days. What are you doing?” Or, “You seem like you’ve reached this new level of calm and peace– what are you doing differently?”

They are doing a lot of things differently actually. They are practicing and using tools that help them balance and stabilize their own energy. They are getting in touch with (and remaining connected) with their own Highest Self and knowing. They are moving from a place of that knowing, instead of subject to every energetic and emotional whim they come across.

And that my friend has beautiful effects on everyone around them.

And that is why I am grateful.

I’m proud of my students. I truly believe that they are making the world a better place. With each person they come in contact with, in each instance where they are able to stay in their own energy and not “over help” to the absolute depletion of themselves. In each instance where they are able to access their own highest knowing, genuinely smile, interact positively with others, and stay in their own energy instead of being flooded by every negative emotion that they come across– I believe the world is made better. One moment and one person at a time. Because especially in these times, where crazy things are happening all over in the world, things that we don’t always have the capacity to help with, I truly believe that the world is made better one loving interaction at a time.

I’m pleased that my students take the time to learn how to manage their abilities so that they might flourish. I’m honored to be their guide. But more than that I’m proud of them and I’m happy for the people they will positively affect in their lives because of it. Each person helps better this world in their own way, empaths have a very special way to my mind, and I feel so lucky to be witness to so many making such positive changes, one balanced interaction at time.




Aimée Cartier is a psychic, author, and the founder of Empath Intuition University. Next week she will launch a limited time on-demand workshop designed to give empaths the tools they need to navigate the holidays with grace. It’s called Empath Tools Holiday Support. Sign up here to get all the details when the program is launched. If you are an empath who needs more resources to help you not be overwhelmed by your sensitivities you can also check out Aimée’s Empath Resources page.  More about Aimée and all her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com.





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