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Shout out to soul friends, the ones who last lifetimes.

I got a text from a one of my best girlfriend’s today who (sadly) lives quite far away.

It went, “Sometimes I have these small conversations with you in my head because I think you will understand what I’m feeling/experiencing.”

I smiled so wide when I read that text because– I do the same with her. 🙂

I think to myself, “How would I tell Dana?” She’s like my sounding board for things. Even when I can’t talk to her – I imagine myself telling her. Sometimes it’s how I find my truth in the situation—because she’s one of those girlfriends who I always cut right to the chase with.

We haven’t lived in the same place together for nearly a decade—and yet our real conversations when we have them involve almost no chitchat.

They usually start with— “Okay this is going on for me right now.” We describe in details the intricate details of our lives, the inner most feelings we’ve experienced around whatever subject is most up for us. The other one listens, perhaps comments, offers insights and then we hang up.

We’ve seen each other exactly twice since she moved away. And yet, we still have conversations with each other—either in spirit 🙂 or in person on the phone when we can.

Dana and I at one such reunion.

Soul friends. They are so the best.

And it seems– at least in my life– their entrances are often dramatic in an essential, surprising, and satisfying kind of way.

Take Dana. We met one another at MY going away party in another town. To my memory the first thing she said to me was, “We were going to move here, but I think I’ll stay and be friends with you.” She lived in the place I was moving to. 🙂

And she did, stay. For years. Until she eventually moved. 🙁

It’s like that sometimes– the soul just knows right off the bat, “This is a friend of mine.”

One of my favorite soul friend entrances is that of my friend Laura.

I was living in Colorado. It was November, and there was already snow on the ground. My boyfriend at the time and I had just finished a white-knuckled drive through steep icy mountain roads towing a trailer of our belongings from the house that we were living in, to the house that we were moving into.

We had just unloaded the last of the essentials and were in our new house just a few minutes when in breezed this beautiful blond.

Laura and I at a costume event.

She said, “Hi! I’m Laura. I’m your neighbor. I have beer and cookies, which would you like?”

I felt my body instantly relax. And not just about the beer and cookies! 🙂 I had this soul-deep satisfying feeling in my being that someone I knew and loved had just arrived and provided THE perfect relief for that moment. (Thank god!) I remember having this internal feeling of, “Now what were we talking about?”  But this was the first time we had spoken, at least as Aimée and Laura.

Often soul friends feel like that to me—there is a strong sense of familiarity for me with them– like we were just speaking– only it could have been centuries ago, in another setting, in another lifetime.

Last summer I saw Laura again. I hadn’t seen her in seven years—and still it felt like only a moment had passed. It was significant to me because it hadn’t just been an instant that had passed. And in the long time since we had seen one another MAJOR things had happened– to both of us. Both of us had changed in fundamental ways.  She had left a relationship and lost a daughter.  I had married and had two children. And yet, it felt like time was irrelevant. Because truly, it was.


These days sort of sadly for me most of my soul friends live in other towns and in other states – so it feels like a treat to take the time to relish our connections. To remember Laura’s dramatic and oh-so-perfect entrance into my life, to get a text from my beloved Dana about how she talks to me in her mind. 🙂

In my responding text to her I said this,“I’ve often thought of writing a book called, ‘Dear Dana.’ At least that is my own personal title for it. It would be a memoir written as though I were speaking to you…. And also, I hear you. On some level I do.  I love you.”

So these words are a shout out to the beloveds in my life that I’ve loved for centuries or more. I can think of others—not mentioned in these paragraphs.  Some of whom I am still connected with, a few of whom I have lost touch with.  Yet I am as grateful for them as I was on the day that they made their remarkable entrance into my life as Aimée.

To them I now bow and do a happy jig.



Aimée Cartier is a psychic, author, and the founder of Intuition University.  She doesn’t teach others how to make soul connections– but she teaches others about how to strengthen the part of ourselves that recognizes these gems when they come: inner knowing.











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