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What happens if you don’t hear the subtle voice of your intuition?

When you get to know the look and feel of your intuition in action it becomes so easy to recognize it when it comes.  Part of it is having realistic expectations—which is why it’s important to know that most of the time your intuition is subtle.  Looking at the actualities of what intuition feels like is one of the things we first study in my Own Your Intuition program.  Each student is asked to pay attention and start to discover the characteristics of their intuitive thoughts AND their fear-based thoughts, so that they can tell the difference.  I had a student ask me recently this very good question, “What if I miss it?  What happens if I miss the intuitive knowing I am receiving?”  

PC: Veerendra

Yesterday I was driving home from dropping my kids off at school.  As I did so I passed a forest path that I honestly pass every day, every school day that is.  As I was approaching it, I first noticed the river of water flowing in the ditches which were made for just this purpose.  Though it is always flowing at this time of year it stuck out to me for some reason, and I noticed this.  As I was driving by the trial head I sensed that the space felt more alive and more vivid to me than it does on every other day when I pass it.  I can only describe that it felt magical and vivacious, and it was actively pulling my awareness to it.  “Oh, I need to go there,” I heard my mind recognize.  But I did so with a bit of a question.  “Why do I need to go there?” I wondered as I turned my car around.  I didn’t know why—but I could undeniably feel the magic of it attracting me.  So, I followed it, of course.  That’s what I always do when my intuition guides me somewhere—I follow it—even when I don’t know why.

Part of the role of your intuitive sense is to guide you toward what is best for you.  What would be the most beneficial for you.  Sometimes these things are small, like stopping at that trail head.  What I remembered as I pulled my car to a stop and got out of the driver’s seat to do the hike was that just before my kids and I left the house that morning the power had gone out.  The wind had pulled some powerlines down.  What I realized as I took in the forest surrounding me was that the work out video I had planned to do when I got home was suddenly no longer an option.  Instead, this trail was where I would get my exercise.

PC: Mihis Alex

Following my inner knowing to deviate from what I had planned and take that hike instead allowed me to be in a beautiful place.  It allowed me to hear and witness the sound of the wind through the trees.  It gifted me the solitude of being alone with my thoughts in the expansive outdoors.  It also saved me 30-40 minutes of time and made the shape of my day more satisfying and productive.  That’s because I skipped the process of arriving home and remembering that I actually could not do my favorite work out video, taking the time to consider what I would do instead, getting back in my car and driving to a hike, doing the hike, then driving home again.  Instead, I got to stop at a perfect location– as I was driving by– and get what I needed. I got to do the exercise and then drive home (which I was already doing anyway).  It saved me a whole lot of time, and allowed me to entirely skip the back and forth thought banter about what to do instead.  It increased my ability to be productive because I wasn’t taking more time out of my workday in order to get a workout.  All in all, walking through the woods took about the same amount of time as I would have taken with my workout video at home—the efficiency of which was part of why I made that choice to begin with.  Are you getting what I am meaning here?  It was perhaps a small decision, but it made a big impact in the satisfaction and overall experience of my day.

That’s what your intuition does—it makes life smoother, easier, more graceful, better.  If you are not paying attention when you receive the call for one of these small moments, or you ignore it, you will miss it.  It’s not going to come again.  You’ll have passed the trail—figuratively and literally in the case of my example—it will no longer save you time and create grace.

However, the other part of what your intuition does is guide you in BIG ways.  You’ve heard me reference your intuition as the compass of your soul right?  That means it is also always giving you the information you need in order to choose or continue on your best course.  If your intuition is guiding you toward a choice that is imperative for you— the message will repeat.  It will keep repeating until you listen.  If you are not ready to listen, and it is important to your soul’s journey, eventually the circumstances in your life will place you in a position where you are forced to make that choice.

PC: Britt Nemeth

Many years ago, while I was writing my book, “Getting Answers,” I was sitting with a friend one day in her office.  She had just separated from her partner of 15 years and they also owned and ran a business together.  She confided in me that she was considering leaving the business—shutting it down all together.  The moment she said this the lights suddenly went out.  For a moment we were sitting there in complete darkness.  We couldn’t even see each other.  Then, the lights came back on.  “Woah! That was weird!” she said.  We could both feel palpably that something significant had just been communicated.  To me, it was obvious—I felt as if the Universe was practically shouting at her—“Yes!  Leave the business!  That is a good idea for you!”  How did I know that that was the message?  Because it happened in direct response to her words.  Had she been saying, “I think there is more for me to learn here.  I need to stick this out a little longer,” when the lights had shut down—the message would have been different.  (When Spirit is using inanimate objects to speak to you it always confirms what was just being said or thought.  I speak more about this in my book.) My girlfriend and I talked about this and she sighed deeply.  She and her former partner had put so much into their business—it had been the realization of a lifelong dream they had shared.  Shutting the business down wasn’t the path she had ever wanted or envisioned for herself.  Although she was considering it, she just wasn’t ready or willing to make the change; she didn’t have the courage just then to do what was being asked of her.  She also didn’t understand that her intuition always guides her toward what was best for her.  

Her inner knowing, or in this case her benevolent ethereal guides (who are a part of your intuitive knowing) were trying to get the message to her in a loud way about the course of action that would be best for her.  She had already been given the subtle version—I know because she was contemplating it.  Her guides were trying to move her onto the path that would open her and propel her toward her next great experiences.  She ignored the message.  Skip to several months later—the business went bust.  She and her partner were forced to file for bankruptcy.  Now I can’t say for sure what would have happened if she had acted on the advice when she first got it, but my own experience has taught me that it would have likely involved a whole lot more joy than her getting into such dire financial straights that she, basically, lost everything.

Your intuition is always veering you toward the perfect, most satisfying path for you—even if sometimes the places it is encouraging you to go seem hard or scary at the time.  If the choices your inner knowing is guiding you to are vital to you—the message will repeat.  You will have more than one opportunity to choose it.  If you continue to ignore—as was the case for my friend– life will force you into it.

(Here is another story from my own life about this.) 

Once you start paying attention and listening to the messages it honestly becomes what I call a “no-brainer” to make the choice or veer in the direction your intuition is guiding you toward.  That’s because by doing so you see, time and time and time again, that it’s goodness that awaits you on the path your inner knowing guides you toward.  When you listen to the messages the first or the second or the third time you often get to avoid the hard place ignoring it would be putting you in.  You get to skip straight to the benefit that is coming your way when you follow through. 

PC: Jasmin Chew

So the long and the short of it is this: if you are not paying attention, or if you chose to ignore the subtle voice of your intuition, sometimes you are going to miss the goodness, the ease, the grace, the satisfaction it was propelling you toward.  It’s better if you don’t miss it!  But it’s also not to worry about—there will be more to come!  If the choice is important to your well-being or your soul, your intuitive voice will get louder and louder until you hear it and take the course you need to choose.

I hope knowing this helps you come quicker to the “yes!” when the knowing arrives.  Because once you do, you learn over and over again— intuitive guidance is FANTASTIC advice!

Big love,


Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide,  author, and founder of Intuition University. Her book, “Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life,” provides you with the framework and the four simple steps that you and ANYONE can use to access the clarity you deserve.  (You can download the first part of it for free here.)  More about her and her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com   

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