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Intuition University Student Spotlight– Mary Schlaphoff– Soul’s Mission Healing founder

You guys I have some amazing women come through my Intuition University Private program.  These are movers and shakers in their own world committed to a blooming intuition that they can trust to help them succeed, thrive, and flourish in the world– whatever it is that they do.

From time to time I’m going to spotlight some of them.  Especially those who I feel have work you might be interested in!

Today, it’s Mary Schlaphoff, founder of Soul’s Mission Healing.

Also I want to mention right off the bat that she is a reiki master and offers in person (St. Paul, MN) and distance sessions AND SHE’S RUNNING A SPECIAL THIS MONTH ONLY FOR 30% OFF.

What’s reiki?

Well, read on to find out (and you’ll also see the link to get in touch with her.)

Hi Mary! Welcome!

Now that you and I have been finished for a while– I’m curious to know how often do you put into play the things that you learned in your Intuition University Private program with me?

I’ve used what I learned in my Intuition University Private program every day since then. Not just in big ways. It gives me more confidence in everything I do. It’s useful when making decisions and when having conversations with other people. It’s helped my stress level, because I think a lot of the inner discord I’ve felt in the past was due to the fact that I had a strong intuition trying to talk to me a lot, and I just didn’t realize it.  Until I did this program I didn’t have the awareness to recognize why sometimes my inner guidance didn’t seem to align with what I could see and hear going on around me in the more visible world.

What is one surprising thing you learned about your intuition while in my Intuition University program?

One surprising thing for me specifically was the role anger can play in my own intuitive knowing. This is something that I only started to understand when we worked together– and has become more clear in the months since. I tend to think of anger as something to be tamed or let go of. And while that can often be the case, I’ve learned that for me– much of the time– when I feel angry and it’s not clear why– it’s because my intuition is trying to talk to me.  I’ve realized through my experience that it usually means something is being hidden or someone is not being forthcoming to me – either because they’re intentionally hiding something, or because they believe something themselves that is not true.

A lot of what we talked about in my Intuition University had to do with listening to what your intuition tells you to do even when it doesn’t entirely make sense why you should be doing that thing yet. That has been an ongoing lesson and practice for me that has been very helpful. With my specific intuition I’ve realized that feeling anger when it doesn’t seem to “make sense” in the situation means that I need to take some action that doesn’t appear “logical” according to the circumstances I can observe with my other senses.  My intuition knows what’s really going on and is trying to get my attention– for me unidentifiable anger plays that role.

That (above) is a great example of something very specific that Mary learned about her own intuitive impulses.  You know how I’m always saying that everyone’s intuition works a bit differently?  Well, this is a very specific and finely tuned way Mary’s intuition tries to give her information.  It doesn’t necessarily apply to others– but for Mary she now knows it is key.

Mary, how has Intuition University gone on to positively influence your life?  Give us a real life example if you can of something that you know went differently than it would have had you not learned to hone and trust your own intuition?

Not too long ago I had an experience where my intuition kept telling me to end a friendship with someone that I really cared about. I really didn’t want to, but my intuition wouldn’t let it go. Once I finally listened, the reason became crystal clear.  Due to a series of events that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t listened to my intuition– that person discovered they had a serious health concern.  I’m leaving the details vague here for privacy reasons but I firmly believe that my intuition ultimately saved them and me from a lot more pain down the road.

This example specifically taught me that the idea of listening to your intuition with the intention of finding the highest good for all involved doesn’t always seem like the easiest path. It sometimes involves doing things you don’t want to do, or things that people around you can’t understand.  But I also learned that not listening to it can hurt more than just yourself!

What type of business do you have that you think my readers/clients/students might be interested in?  

Through my business, www.soulsmissionhealing.com, I provide reiki energy healing sessions to clients, in-person here in the Twin Cities [Minnesota], as well as remotely.

 What is reiki for those who aren’t familiar?

Reiki is a touch therapy that promotes stress reduction and relaxation by bringing more life force energy (known as chi in Chinese, ki in Japanese, or prana if you’ve ever been to a yoga class and heard that word) to the receiver.

Reiki works on a similar principle as acupuncture. But we don’t use needles – just light touch, or even remote energy channeling. I like to tell people that if you think of the pathways of energy flowing in your body as rivers, acupuncture is like a way to dismantle dams blocking the energy flow. Reiki, on the other hand, is more like sending a rush of water through and allowing it to flow wherever it’s needed, removing blocks and improving your overall sense of well-being and ability to heal.

 Great description of reiki!  By the way I’ve had a remote reiki session with Mary and I can tell you she is good! Even though she was in Minnesota and I was in Washington during our session I could feel the different areas of my body that the reiki was moving through as she did it. When we got back on the phone after treatment the path that she told me she had used mirrored the sensations I had felt in my own body.   And the ear issue that I had been having at the time immediately resolved itself.  The swelling in my ear had gone down/ceased by the time we finished our session.  I also felt lighter after the session and more energetically buoyant.

What got you into this line of work?

I’ve always loved the metaphysical, the unseen, and making sense of things that are not easily understood. It’s why I jumped on Intuition University when you started it!

I got into energy healing initially as a client because I found it helped me to feel so much more physically and mentally well, in ways that conventional self-care methods never could.

But I really understood the power of reiki when a good friend of mine began getting regular energy work done too.  The changes in her were profound.  Seeing the external difference in another person deepened my faith in the power of this work.  Right around that time, I met a practitioner who encouraged me to become certified so that I could do self-treatments. Once I started down the path, I was hooked.

What is your favorite part about this work?

Knowing that I can do something that helps make other people’s lives easier and better. Most people come to something like reiki because they’ve been through a difficult situation (or many – which is nearly everyone, right?!) and are still trying to recover or are having a hard time moving forward.

It’s not always something big or deeply traumatic that brings people to reiki; it can even just be years of living life, neglecting or simply not knowing how to care for that energetic level of their being. We get tired. We may feel that something is missing or out of balance, but don’t have words to describe it or know what to do to fix it.

Energy work can be the missing piece for people when the other things they’ve tried haven’t been totally effective, and I love being able to deliver that.

Tell us about one thing that inspired you in the last month.

It’s funny – lately, I’ve been inspired by the world of professional sports.

I got into the Minnesota Lynx [basketball team] a couple of years ago. For some reason, up until then, I hadn’t really appreciated what it could do for my spirit to see women athletes performing at that level.  I’m inspired by seeing people take their God-given talents, and work hard to bring them to the highest level.  Plus the fun and collective energy of sports fan-dom is its own source of inspiration.

I also love seeing professional athletes use their considerable money and influence to do good things in their communities or to advance social justice. When I see that happen, it reminds me that success doesn’t just have to be for yourself.

How can my readers connect with you– or get on your schedule for a reiki appointment?

If they live in the Twin Cities area, they can schedule an appointment in person with me at Be Well Natural Medicine in St. Paul.

I also do remote sessions. They can visit www.soulsmissionhealing.com to learn more or email me at [email protected] to schedule, or to get more details about how it works.

For those of you on Instagram you can also follow Mary @soulsmissionhealing.

 Thank you Mary for sharing your gift with us, for the work you do in the world, and for that 30% discount you are offering through May 31st, 2018. 🙂 

Schedule a distance session with Mary now at 30% off.  



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