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Navigating the Holidays as an Empath

Last week, one of my girlfriends sent me a text saying, “Why don’t you guys host a White Elephant gift party at this time on this date.” I responded by saying, “Sure!” Do you guys know about that? You basically give a joke gift or some other smallish type present and you play a game to determined who gets what gift, some trading can ensue etc. It’s all pretty funny. It’s just a silly light hearted way to celebrate the season. Any old gift will do! You can find something from your closet even! Sometimes the gifts are genuinely nice– frequently they are something outrageous or absurd. I often leave with something that I donate immediately to the thrift store– but it’s fun all the same!

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In any case, joking gift parties aside, I know sometimes for empaths especially navigating the holidays can be difficult. For starters you are usually around a lot more people. And if you are with your extended family you might be falling into or picking up on long standing patterns. Or even just subject to the considerable tension between two members of your family that you generally avoid otherwise. This time of year can be straining for a person who picks up on ALL the emotions going on around them– because the truth is they aren’t all always joyful.

I recently had a conversation with Meredith Rom for her Rising Women Leaders podcast about just this subject: “Navigating the Holidays as an Empath.” Meridith has a lovely grace about her and I loved our conversation.

So empath, if you find yourself girding your loins (it’s just an expression! 😉 ) about this upcoming season I suggest you have a listen. I share tools and techniques on Meredith’s podcast that will help you move through this season in touch with your own joy instead of at the whim and mercy of every emotion you pass. 🙂

 And if you want to make lasting changes– fill out your application for my Empath Intuition University (the next 7-month program starts in February.)

Click on the image below to listen to the podcast online or search “Rising Women Leaders” on iTunes or your podcast app.

More Resources (including joyful/funny ones!)

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