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Spring’s volatile energy: how you may be feeling this, and what to do about it

Spring Flowers
pic by Billy Wilson


Holy cow spring is volatile! Have you ever noticed that?  Outside, it can be sunny one moment, and hailing the next. Literally.  The weather can change on a dime.  It’s dramatic and engaging.  It’s alive and pulsing, and frail and vulnerable.

Inner worlds often mirror the earth’s energy.  It’s natural that we humans fluctuate with the seasons.  When we’re talking about winter and summer it’s more obvious.  Are you less social in the winter than you are in the summer?  So are the birds and the bees.  The energy of winter and summer is easy to pinpoint in human nature: Indoor snuggles and movies versus backyard barbecues, beach excursions, and friends.  The energy of spring however is different and easy to misunderstand.

So this is a shout out for that: the happy (and sometimes sad) place of spring.

pic by embody
pic by embody

If you’re feeling a little volatile yourself– like some moments you are so excited you want to dive in and start the next big project– and the next your depressed that certain areas of your life are still unresolved– just know, it’s par for the course.  It’s fine.  It’s spring.

Hang in there.

Identify the areas (you’ll probably feel them strongly) where growth is still required.  But don’t let them really get to you.  Consider it like a bookmark, a hail storm, a seedling trying to push out of its shell.  It takes a little work to get off the crust, but you’ll get there.  You’ll bloom.  Especially now that you know where the steps you need to take are.  Things take time.  Sometimes longer than we’d like.

pic by Jeff Kubina
pic by Jeff Kubina

Winter may have left you complacent.  Happy to just snuggle up with your book, spring will show you where there is still room for growth and give you the fervor to do it.  Use it!  Recognize your areas of growth, take steps to move them forward, but don’t feel like this is the end– and that if you don’t have it all worked out by now you won’t ever.  And don’t let yourself buy into the notion that you’ve got to have it all worked out, like, yesterday.

It’s simply not true.  Full bloom, where the fruit is ripe, is just around the corner.  Hang in there, and enjoy the full-of-life ride of spring!  With a little attention and action, it’ll take you just where you want to go.  Like any growth, all in its own sweet time.



Aimée Cartier is a psychic and author who specializes in helping her clients discover their next best steps in life and align with their own highest good.  More about her work can be found at: www.spreadingblessings.com

Volatile Spring Energy Aimee Cartier blog (pic by Markus Grossalber)
pic by Markus Grossalber

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