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Intuition University Student Spotlight – Michelle Cassandra Johnson– Leader, Healer, Yogi, Race and Resilience Paradigm shifter

From time to time I highlight the wonderful, inspiring, and powerful women who have come through my Intuition University program.  I’m proud of my students and how they embody their own power.  They understand and fully embrace their intuition– knowing and utilizing it to lead them to their best life.  These are women committed to their own inner knowing who are using it to do their work in the world– work that serves many.  Michelle Cassandra Johnson is one such example. Her fierce, yet tender, intuitive, clear, and powerful leadership is already making the world a better place.  She is a woman to know.

What inspired you to learn more about your intuition?

I don’t know that it was a choice to learn more about my intuition; I believe my inner knowing guided me to dig deeper and learn more about how to respond to my intuition. Listening more deeply to myself allows me to be more fully aligned and when I am aligned with purpose and my higher self I do my best and most complete work in the world. 

What is your work in the world?

I lead anti-oppression trainings.

I create spaces for collective grieving and healing.

I truth tell in a culture that has cultural amnesia.

I breathe deeply in the hopes that someone else will find space to breath.

I lead yoga trainings focused on the intersection of justice and yoga.

I lead workshops on connecting with your dharma or duty and work in the world.

I lead workshops on justice and yoga.

I hold space for people to grieve.

I hold space for embodied practice.

I invite people in. 

What is one (or more) surprising thing you learned about your intuition while in my Intuition University program? 

I learned more about how to notice and interpret signs from the Universe and the Divine and use those signs to guide actions in my life. I learned how to ask questions to Spirit, my spirit guides and the Universe and use the answers to take action in my life. I deepened my relationship with myself and Spirit. Intuition University (IU) helped me through a transitional time in my life and continued to support me as I navigated one of the most difficult years of my life. It supported me in working with my own intuitive healing clients and guiding them to listen to spirit, notice signs and connect with the natural world.

How has this gone on to positively influence your life?  Give us a real life example if you can of something that you know went differently than it would have had you not learned to hone and trust your own intuition?

 When I first learned about IU I was preparing to move across the country, going through a divorce and making a career shift. It came at the perfect time. I know I would have still made the move, followed through on my divorce, listened to my heart and made a career shift without IU but, IU helped me move through change with more trust in myself and Spirit. After my IU sessions were complete, I asked Aimée to support me in creating my own intuitive healing practice with clients. Aimée assisted me in defining the kind of work I want to do moving forward and she shared her knowledge and skills with me, which has allowed me to create my own practice. 

What type of business do you have that you think my readers/clients/students might be interested in? 

  • I wrote a book entitled,Skill in Action:  Radicalizing Your Yoga Practice to Create a Just WorldThe book is an exploration of yoga and social justice and provides practice tools for creating more inclusionary and supportive spaces. 
Skill in Action: Radicalizing Your Yoga Practice to Create a Just World by Michelle Cassandra Johnson
  • Radical Self Care Course:This Course is for social justice activists, healers and helpers of all kinds.The course explores the importance of self-care and offers tangible skills for practicing self-care to sustain the work that individuals are doing to support the collective good. The next one will begin in Fall of 2019.
  • Race and Resilience Monthly Online Master Class In this monthly online community of practice myself and Kerri Kelly, both of us social change activists, focus on race and resilience. We discuss social location, spiritual bypassing, how to build resilience and resistance and create caucus spaces for people of color and white people.  www.raceandresilience.com
  • Intuitive healing sessions for activists and justice workers on the front lines:I am an activist and have deep roots in social justice. I understand what it feels like to become overwhelmed by the worlds concerns and to feel despair and I can support clients by teaching them how to clarify their dharma in the world and begin to ask the Universe questions to more clearly define their path moving forward.

Why did you start this kind of work and what got you into it?

I’ve been doing Dismantling Racism Work for over 22 years, and both healing, leading/faciliatating for 23 years.

My birth and an inability to access the breath in a world that would rather I not breathe got me into doing justice work focused on liberation. My capacity to hold groups and spaces, to see the humanity in all beings and to lead with compassion while calling on my ferocity to justice led me to be a healer and holder of spaces. The inequitable and unjust world led me to become a dismantling racism trainer and my believe that we can be better than we have been conditioned to be led me to be persistent and committed to supporting people and culture in creating liberation for all. 

What is your favorite part about this work?

Being in groups, calling people into the highest version of themselves. Integrating contemplative practice into transformational anti-oppression work. Being with people, deeply listening and seeing beyond individuals conditioning and instead into their hearts. 

Tell us about one thing that inspired you in the last month.

So much inspires me. Last month I co-led a retreat for women of color in Oregon. It was transformative because nine women showed up ready to build community and to co-create a space that was much more tender than the white supremacists and patriarchal culture is. We danced, laughed, created art, went on a nature walk and shared deep truths. The resilience of people who have been and continue to be marginalized inspires me. Again and again. 

Where can we find you online?

You can find out more about Michelle and her work at https://www.michellecjohnson.com.

For race and resilience www.raceandresilience.com

On Instagram and on Facebook: @skillinaction

To schedule a consultation or intuitive healing session: https://square.site/book/JQ83BMD6X10VG/michelle-c-johnson-skill-in-action

Thank you Michelle—for all that you do.



Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide, author, and founder of Intuition University. I teach women who either have a hard time trusting their intuition or already know its power and want to use it to get results. Through a six-month one-on-one program I help them understand and enhance their innate intuitive traits and increase their connection with their inner knowing so that they can use these skills to thrive and guide them to their best lives their whole life long. More about Aimée and her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com.

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