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Storehouse of Mama articles for encouragement & camaraderie…and other uplifting gems: 2014 blog review

Wowza!  And that’s a rap! Another one gone. Amazing.

As I was sitting down to pick out a few gems from my blogs this year I realized what I most wanted to do was make a little storehouse of Mama articles that all the mothers I know could bookmark and share with their friends.  Something to look back on when you need a little encouragement, or to pass on when you know someone who does.  Sometimes the best balm is just knowing someone else has been there too!  And I have!

I’ve two tiny beings (3 1/2 and now 21 months) so I’ve been in the thick of it for a while now.  With each day we’re moving out of the intensity zone of having two so little, but it’s a time I’m not likely to forget.  And if I do I can review these blogs.  So here it is– a year in review– Mama articles for encouragement and camaraderie, and other uplifting gems.

Thanks for riding with me on the journey.  I’m looking forward to even more and better (including podcasts) blogging next year so I hope to see you there!

For Mama’s (and Papa’s) Especially

IMG_7098True confession- Reptile takes over my brain at night

Meditating while raising kids. 4 things I’ve noticed

My happy motherhood shortlist: 4 rules that will make your life as a mother happier

Every new mom needs a lackey for at least 2 weeks after giving birth. Thanks Mom!

5 things never to say to a pregnant womanP1040790

Welcome to parenthood boot camp! All parents (especially those with toddlers) welcome

Thank god I made it! (Year 1 of child 2)

Post prego hair- good for a laugh at least

Mother judging to do or not to do? It’s a sarcastic question

8 word balm for the overwrought parent

IMG_7139A spectacular two word mantra that can help a mom return to happy

My new trick for keeping up with the laundry

Encouragement for the Warrior Mama- that means you Mommy

3 Things that totally surprised me about being a mom

A story that leads to silence of the best kind

Moms whatever you do don’t cook dinner between the hours of 4-6PM.  Here’s how and whyIMG_5093_2

I might never have been forced to make it so succinct if I didn’t have a toddler.  Thank you son.

(Related to hormones) Feeling depressed? 6 tips to help you move through

The sad trIMG_7817uth about my motherhood fashion

Rotate the art on your walls. Simple changes make for an inspired home

For your back pocket Mamas and Papas- an essential helping of forgiveness

Other fun and goofy stuff

20140316-155954.jpg10 unlikely actions that create a blissful wedding (at least they worked for us)

Enjoy our backyard bathtub for a moment.  You’ll find it’s heaven in every way

Not so shabby, it’s still making me laugh

Naked wedding reminiscing

My bro: He’s a clogger.  A what?

I finally discover why my husband dresses our children this way

I remember vividly the first time I saw my husband

Naked Grilling… for real

IMG_0347What’s that smell?  The answer is still making me laugh

Crude but totally funny

Are you wearing that!?

The unusual gifts of toddlers: world’s longest snort-a-thon, for example

Stationary bikes on a beach: get your morning exercise here!

I heart my manPhoto on 2010-11-30 at 23.10 #4

A day in the life of my son

Toddlers hold a bike car wash

I’m a psychic (possibly weird but true)

Boots boots glorious boots. Why one pair is just not enough.

20140702-123523-45323282.jpgShop naked! It’s legal.  Here’s why.

“Help out” at the grocery store? Not an old-fashioned dream on our island

Country girls’ day in the city… chocolate factory tour of course!

It’s a ferry life

A Christmas story that still makes me laugh.  Sometimes it’s not the warm fuzzy stuff that makes a holiday memorable.

Advice and Ah-ha Moments

Do you need a message from the Universe?  Well here it is: It’s time to do the thing you know you must.

wonderwomanFeeling depressed? Six tricks to try to help you move through

A different take on gratitude– using it to alleviate mental junk.

The fine art of overthinking

Dealing with a giant “To Do List”- coping mechanism here.

Raise your vibration and remember who you are with this simple happy practice

Have you seen this? Only 2 minutes can increase your confidence

Feeling wonky? Get out your good old-fashioned journal. Here’s how it can help.

This “To Do List” makes your life easier and less overwhelmingIMG_7475

Envisioning a happy new year- the best part starts now

My recent happy making travel idea. Tested and confirmed, it’s good!

Make your list of happy making experiences for next year: Here are a few questions to get you going

Health and Well-being (and recipes)

Thyme in bloom: photo and a recipe

Need a lift?  A return to happy? Here’s my formula

Chicken-Pot-Pie-Soup-photo by Chad A Elick3 of my favorite relaxing soundtracks

Chicken pot pie soup: comfort food the easy way

It’s cold/flu season.  You’ll want to know this FREE healing trick

What do losing weight and apple cider vinegar have to do with each other?

Easiest no cook stir-fry sauce.  Pour it on your cooked veggies and bam: Dinner!

See you next year…


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