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Admit it, you’ve had intuitive urges. You have had experiences where you’ve known things before they have happened, you have dreams that provide you with potent lessons for real life situations, you’ve seen or heard spirits.

When my grandfather was dying, I lived with him during the last few weeks of his life. In addition to a rotating crew of my mother and her brothers and sisters, I provided full time love and care for my gramps whose body was being taken over by cancer.

I remember one night in particular. My grandfather had finally dozed off. At that point, to facilitate his breathing he was sleeping ½ upright, in the hospital bed that had been moved into his bedroom. I had been reading, stretched out along side of him in the king size bed he had shared with my grandmother for as long as I could remember. After several minutes of listening to the rhythmic but irregular gasping rattle of cancer-filled lungs searching for breath, I realized that he was asleep.

I rolled over, closing my book. Shutting off the lights behind me, I walked out slowly toward the living room. I was in the late night reflective mood of one who is watching death happen before her eyes. With everyone else in the house asleep I felt alone in my thoughts for the first time in a while and glad for it. Walking down the hall letting my mind roam over all that was happening I remember looking up rather surprised, into the living room when I arrived. It felt crowded.

The whole room was filled with spirits. I could almost see them—a few sitting together on the hearth, others milling around in the spaces between the furniture. The room felt full with their presence. It was jam-packed with the dead— my grandfather’s friends, his long passed family, all those gone before him waiting to welcome him home. It felt like a waiting room for the dead— just me and them. I didn’t say anything. I just stood there, watching and feeling all of them. We were all there for the same reason—to be present for the death of one of our most beloveds, what else was there to say.

Now, I’m not the only one who has ever had an experience like this. As John Holland, author of Psychic Navigator, will tell you— we are all psychic. If you are like me, or John, and you’ve been living most of your life with a feeling of “knowing,” or even if you’ve recently come to discover these parts in yourself, Psychic Navigator can help you develop this.

“We’re human beings, but we are also spiritual. If you only use half of your abilities, it’s a life half lived,” John said to me in a recent interview. Use what you’ve got. Let your intuitive urges make the most of the life you have. Learn how to develop them so that they can consistently give you good guidance. It’s your life. Psychic Navigator is for those of us who want to hone those skills, who want to explore just what our own intuition can do for us—how it can help us, and ultimately other people. If you’ve been dabbling in this your whole life, or have a reason to develop it now— it just may be time to let the navigation begin
By Aimée Cartier


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