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Do you need a message from the Universe? Well here it is: It’s time to do the thing you know you must.

Do you need a message from the Universe?

Well here it is: It’s time. It’s time people. It’s time to do the thing you know you must. Yes, I’m speaking to you—person who has seemingly overwhelming and possibly intense emotional changes to make. You, who have known, perhaps for years what you must do, but haven’t had the courage to do it. You, who is maybe just now getting an inkling of what that means but haven’t put your foot forward to start pursuing it.

I’m talking to you.

Lately I’ve been struck over and over by this message in my intuitive work—so I’m passing it on—in strong terms—because I mean it. People are literally dying from choosing— for too long— not to make the changes that they know they must. They’re living in misery and paralyzed by fear of what they feel are overwhelming changes. People are desperately needing a change, quietly living in their own personal hell without anyone else ever knowing. People are telling their unhappy selves that this is all there is, or that this will have to be enough.

It’s never enough to live a life that is misaligned with your own spirit. It’s not. Believing so, is believing a lie. Here are a few things that you should also know.IMG_7163.JPG

First, you are not alone. People feel alone all the time, even in the midst of their families and their friends. People feel alone all the time when they have huge major changes to make that seem overwhelming. Know first, that you are not alone in this.

Know secondly, that joy does exist. Just because you may not be feeling it right now—doesn’t mean it is not in your future.

Know thirdly, you have the opportunity right now to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and make the sometimes awkward but totally necessary changes that are needed in order for you to thrive as a person. You can do it. It doesn’t mean that it might not be messy, or that there might not be some “ugh” moments in the actual doing of it. But the world needs you to be yourself— you’re the only person who can.

It’s easy to forget this when you’re drowning in your own personal hell—but the world needs you too. No matter who you are. It wants your thriving lovely self. The one and only you who is good at only the things you are. Even if you think they are unimportant skills—we don’t. Even if you do them quietly and without fanfare; we need and want you. We all need and want you to live the life your spirit intended.

If you need help, I wrote you a book. It will help you through your fear. It will help you be sure that this is your best and highest change. It will be your friend. It will help give you the courage you need to act.

If you don’t need help— wonderful. We can’t wait to see you on the other side. Once you’ve put your head down and made all your changes and are vibrant and thriving in the life that is aligned with your spirit.

Either way, we thank you in advance for doing your work. We know it sometimes feels tough. We love you for it. We know you can do it. And we’re so glad you’re here.

So, get to work. 🙂

This article is intended to help you make the changes that are within your highest good.





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