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I might never have been forced to make it so succinct if I didn’t have a toddler. Thank you son.

Often you’ve got to keep it simple when you are talking to a toddler.  That’s why occasionally I find myself distilling simple truths into a few words. It’s one of the uncommonly talked about perks of having tiny beings.

Here is the scene: My son is getting frustrated because his legos aren’t staying together in the way he is wanting them too.  He’s trying the same thing over and over and then getting more and more mad.  That’s when out of my mouth flew:

“If something’s not working you need to change your technique.”

Ahhh, it was so simple, and so true, I sighed in happiness on hearing it said aloud.

Apply liberally– young and old.
Thank you son for reminding me.


aimee cartier flourishI like this!

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