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Don’t panic if you don’t know how to get where you want to go.

Are you set and poised to aim in the direction of your dreams? Do you have an idea or a business or a life change you are wanting to implement but don’t know exactly how to get there? Before you get all panicky—or if you’ve already reached that mental stage— I want to tell you two things: 1. Not knowing doesn’t mean there isn’t a way. 2. There is more than one way to get where you are going. I’m going to tell you why it’s good to remember that last one especially. But first a story; this is how I remember this every day. IMG_8984

My husband built my studio for me. He’s good like that. I’m always amazed when I think that once, this building that I walk into everyday was a plot of ground with grass on it, similar to the rest around me. Everything on it now, he built. I don’t have these skills, no matter how long I tried I feel certain that I couldn’t produce this work of art. There’s no possible way it would turn out quality even if I did try.

When I first envisioned it, I wanted a sliding glass door that looked out on the pond in front of my studio. Mostly because I didn’t know I could get French doors that were completely clear. And I wanted a lot of light and window. My husband always thought it should have a regular door too. I guess he thought it was easier to lug things through? I didn’t fight it. I honestly didn’t care. So he put in both.

I used to only go in the sliding door though. It was my door, and it had a rug where I could wipe my feet. Then came the day that I brought a set of rugs for each door. Matching even.

The first time I lay down the rugs I got for the doors I was astounded. A whole level of understanding opened up inside of me.More than one way to get there aimee cartier blog It was like I was seeing in person, in the physical realm that there is more than one way to get to any destination. Two doors. Two ways of entry. (Myriad actually—I’ve got windows too. You know that saying that goes something like, “if one door closes go through the window?”)

It’s my daily reminder—that there is more than one way to get anywhere. Infinitely more in fact. As I’m fond of saying, the Universe is vast—this means that there are modes of transportations, ways of making the dots connect, ways of having things fall into place, techniques for transforming something that you’ve not even dreamed of or considered. You haven’t considered it because it’s not your job. In fact truth be told—you’re not even capable of understanding all of the possibilities. None of us are.

So sometimes when you can’t see the way it’s because you’re only thinking of the ways you know. Like I was only thinking of my sliding door—when it turns out there are tons of ways I could have made the entry to my studio. It’s okay. It’s not your fault, in many cases you can only work with what you’ve seen before.

That’s why when it comes to setting your intentions, and defining your dreams, and moving in a specific direction it’s always important to leave space for the “I don’t know” of the situation. There may be a better way, one that you haven’t even thought of.

So open yourself to the possibility that there is more than one way to get anywhere, especially if you are feeling stuck or unclear. Then ask the Universe to guide you to the best way.  It may be that it’s been trying to steer you in that direction for a while—but you’ve been trying to chose a lesser way.

Lean back, and realize that you may not know how to get there—that doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t get there. Then: Relax.





The BEST way will reveal itself, especially if you’ve asked for it, it always does.



Aimée is a psychic who specializes in getting her clients answers that will lead them to their very BEST life. You can find out more about her work and scheduling a reading with her at www.spreadingblessings.com

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