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Do you yearn for fame or influence? Here is something important to keep in mind (and keep you happy) along the way…

Do you yearn to be famous—recognized by many?  I’ve seen this time and time again over my years of doing psychic readings.  (In fact I’ve felt it myself—more on that below.) One of the best and easiest to see examples of this was a reading I did once for an incredibly gifted, creative and talented musician/singer.  She had several albums under her belt and was appreciated by others.  She came to me because she was releasing a new album and she wanted to know if it would be a success.  Essentially she wanted to know if this was the album that would help her “strike it big!”  During our reading I could see that the album would be very well received, that her creative genius would continue to grow and be appreciated, that her deepest satisfaction would come from performing live (not selling albums), and that people’s lives would be enhanced by her sharing her genius.  I could also see that she was very unlikely to fill stadiums in her lifetime.  I didn’t say those exact words to her but she could tell from the other words I was saying that this album, while very successful on many fronts, was not going to bring her thousands of followers or help her be recognized in droves.  I could also tell that she was extremely disappointed by this news.

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All these years later this reading has stayed with me.  Namely because it caused me to see yet again how sometimes this age that we live in creates false expectations in each of us about what it means to be truly successful.  Here was a woman with brilliant creative genius, positively contributing to the lives of others and her own satisfaction by doing this work who still felt like a failure because she was holding herself to an example that is only actually achieved by a few. 

Think of how many people there are in the world.  Now think of how many are in the extreme spotlight—filling stadiums or holding huge political or thoughtful influence of others. Compared to the number of people alive— those in the spotlight are miniscule.  And yet we continue to not only attempt to strive for that position but also sometimes fail to recognize the achievement of what is actually happening in our lives—because someone else is “bigger.”

In time’s past a musician did her thing, she sung, she garnered satisfaction and recognition for doing this thing by doing it in her community.  She had no idea of stadiums or the levels of gigantic numbers of people who can be reached today.  Now, due to the internet/our access to information, and because of the way we can congregate in today’s day and age (coming in planes and our cars from afar to fill stadiums and the like) we each of us hold these lofty standards about what it means to be successful.  

I used to feel that way too.

I can’t remember exactly when it dissipated.  It was some years back, probably also coinciding with my becoming a mother and realizing that my work in the world was now multi-faceted.  I had a family to care for and that felt like a priority to me. So I stepped back and committed to growing my work as a psychic and positive influence organically in the way that also best suited my other commitments— namely raising children.

After I started my Intuition University I also began the self-inquiry of what it actually took for me to be and feel successful.  It is still something I refer to frequently.

The conclusion I came to was this: My life is a success (in terms of my career) when I am effectively doing quality work in the world—whether that be psychic readings, writing books, or creating and teaching programs that truly serve and positively impact the lives of those who come to me.  Whether that is one person arriving for my Intuition University private program or a handful for my Empath Intuition University or Own Your Intuition program or thousands.  

Many years ago I made the startling (to me) realization that my success wasn’t actually about numbers at all.  It was about people—and even one person served was a satisfying use of my life force and energy.

PC: Daniel Reche

This realization has allowed me easily and without struggle do my work—to write books, do readings, to start and grow programs that positively influence and benefit the lives of others, and to be a mother, wife, and friend.  These days I receive applications for my programs (Empath Intuition University coming up in March!) months before my next program starts.  I love that—primarily because it means the people who need or desire my guidance are finding me—but internally I still know, even though the numbers continue to steadily grow, it’s not about the numbers. It’s about the quality.  For me it’s about using my life force to serve and uplift myself and others and our lives.

I can also tell you this: My life has been positively changed—like literally the direction of my life has been shifted— by standing in a pub and listening to a heart felt rendition of one artist’s song.  I can’t even remember his name—or the song title—or I would credit him.  He will never know that his song changed the course of my life and yet it did.  To me—that is a measurement of success.  At least one life (but more likely countless others) was positively changed by his creation and his effort of putting it out into the world where he was, in a pub in Portland, Oregon.  

Here are a few questions to ask yourself: In what ways does it feel important to you to use your life force?  Are you doing that?  Are there ways you can do it more if that feels right to you?  Are there other things that are also a priority for you that may rightfully deter your steady focus on this aspect of yourself right now?

If you yearn for fame or influence or if you feel like a failure because you haven’t achieved a gigantic measure of influence, I am offering you this: it may be time to reevaluate your standards.  This is NOT about lowering your quality (far from it)—it’s about recognizing that your magic may or may not be meant for thousands— and that the numbers aren’t always the measurement that counts.  It’s about getting and staying congruent with the offerings that you are making and do make—whether that is a smile and a friendly attitude to your coworkers, teaching your children how to be human, or an album showcasing your current musical genius to those who stumble upon you.   I’m guessing that like me, whoever you are, you and your life is about more than the NUMBER of those who see you.  I wish you the grace and the understanding to enjoy this as you go, wherever you are now and wherever be your destination.  🙂



Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide, author or the book, “Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life,” and the founder of Intuition University and Empath Intuition University. It is her joy and pride to use her life force to help others access understand and use their own innate intuitive power in order to thrive. More about her and her work including her upcoming speaking events and classes can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com.

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