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Your Intuition is NOT meant to be a backseat driver

When I think of a backseat driver I see someone peering over between the seats giving unsolicited and often times poor and unneeded advice.  Don’t you?  Who follows the advice of backseat drivers?  Generally, no one.  Because they are annoying and unnecessary.  Let me just say upfront that is NOT the best relationship for you to have with your own intuition. When you treat your intuition like a backseat driver, ignoring its insights you are missing out on GOODNESS!  

Do you know where it is supposed to be?  In the front seat with you—looking at the map—perceiving things around you that you can’t perceive because you’ve got your eyes on the road and your foot on the gas. It’s intended to let you know which direction would be best for you—even if it wasn’t the way you had planned.

Let me show you what I mean. I did a goofy little video about it recently on my Instagram TV

I’ve been making a bunch of these lately.  (They are usually on my Facebook Page too.)

That’s because I’ve been thinking a lot in the last couple of months about what holds people back from trusting their own intuition.  I’ve seen so many times over the years from my clients and students that they have felt like they needed permission to trust their intuition—to trust the quiet voice of knowing that they already have, and have been hearing for years, or sometimes (sadly) they have learned to silence.  Let me tell you, I’m always giving permission!  (Even though they don’t need mine or others’.)  But they often see, when they work with me, how reliable their intuition already is—how it has been talking to them and giving them information for years.  How it comes up with solutions and gives good ideas ALL THE TIME—if only you pay attention to it.  How it is a viable sense that we all have filled with insight that your logical mind could not have come up with on its own.  It provides insight and direction that could not be known any other way. (Insights like this.)

It’s subtle, which I also speak of in this video.

It’s been part of my mission for years to empower others to trust their own inner knowing.  That and helping empaths learn to manage and then rock their abilities– well, and providing readings for those who need answers STAT!  But I digress!  Because what I wanted to tell you is that as part of that mission I’ve started a new “Own Your Intuition” video series.  (And stay tuned in the fall for a class of this name.)  You’ll find them primarily (for now) on my Instagram and Facebook feeds. My new hashtag—and by that you know I mean, “slogan I stand behind”, is #ownyourintuition.  And, another that I christened after my most recent video entitled, “I’m revamping the word ‘woo-woo.” #woowootribe  If you have an experience in your life of you rocking your intuition—of it telling you the thing you needed to hear at the right time—then please feel free to tag me @aimeecartier or #ownyourintuition and describe.  Let’s start a movement of empowered wise souls using ALL their senses to get claim their best life!

And if you want a little reminder from time to time—or a little permission– then follow along. 

I am here to help you OWN YOUR INTUITION!!!



P.S. Seattle Empaths— Do you know I teach “Understanding Your Empathic Ability” every month at East West Bookshop. Come and see me the second Tuesday of the month!

Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide dedicated to helping others own their intuition. She does it because she’s seen how much goodness doing so has wrought in her own life and those of her students and clients. She wrote a book to this end as well called, “Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life.” She is the founder of Intuition University, where she helps others understand and enhance their innate intuitive traits, increase their connection with their own inner knowing, and use these skills to thrive and guide them to their best lives. More about her and her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com.

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