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For my intuitively gifted clients and friends: 4 Things to Know in Your Bones

This is for those of you who either deal with the ethereal realms professionally, meaning in some piece of your work or business there is an element of unquantifiable mystery, (like for example my profession of being a psychic). Or you do something else strange and unusual. It’s especially for those of you who are just beginning in your practice, or are just beginning to tell the world who you are and what you know. These are the things I’ve learned along my decade of journeying so far. Knowing some of these things straight away may help you focus and get going in your work.

This is what I usually look like while on the phone doing readings. Ah my trusty headset!
This is what I usually look like while on the phone doing readings. Me and my trusty headset!

1. It’s weird. Okay just accept that. It’s not like you’re going to be saying to people, “Hi, I’m a kindergarten teacher.” No. It’s way weirder than that, at least for the vast majority of people. (Not all people mind you.) But if you can just accept that and get over it, it will be easier on you. If it makes you feel any better, you might know that there are actually a lot of really strange professions: for example there is such a job as a “chicken sexer.” At large hatcheries there are people whose job it is to determine if a chick is a male or a female. People get paid to do this. Google it, find some more weirdo jobs. Then you can say to yourself, “Well at least I’m not a _________.”

2. There is no straight road that will tell you how and where you need to go. Meaning it’s not mapped out like a college professor career is: “Go to school, get this degree, acquire this experience, apply for this job, do it.” That’s okay. That’s why you have your instincts. Your intuition. When you are gifted in this way, and are doing this work, honestly that’s probably all you will need. You’ll know when you need to do this thing or that thing, or learn more about that thing over there. It will come naturally and be obvious. Your way is to make your own map using your numero uno gift: your intuition or heightened psychic senses.

3. You are not likely to have mentors. I say not likely because of course they do exist. I for one have a program called Intuition University in which I teach my students to understand and enhance their ethereal gifts.  There are many talented practitioners in the world who deal within the ethereal realms and teach what they know to others. They are not however as common as say high school teachers, or marketing professionals, or techies. In eras past if you had a gift like mine or yours, you would have likely been related to, or sent to apprentice with the local medicine woman or seer. These are not those times.

But just remember that throughout time there have always been men and women with these gifts. They provide something intrinsic and naturally needed as much as any website builder does today. So though this is not one of those eras where your gifts and unique way of operating may be widely accepted or understood right off the bat, it does not make it any less helpful or valid. Just know that you’re likely to have to go it alone. Don’t worry about this. Just understand that it’s part of your path. It means you may have to explain what you do to others often, because there isn’t a time-honored tradition of this craft in your village, in fact you may be the only one of your kind around. But that’s okay. It doesn’t make your work any more or less valid or make your talents and gifts any less valuable or needed.

4. The only way to learn to trust what you do is to do it. IMG_9466 If heightened intuition is one of your gifts it won’t let you down. But the only way to know that is to do it. People who have a gift with numbers don’t doubt that they will actually be able to add or multiply when it comes down to it. You should have this same trust in your own intuition or psychic gifts. But if you don’t, you’ll get it—by practicing. Meaning, do what you do. Just as a mathematician has to use numbers in his work, so too does an intuitive, psychic, or whatever you call yourself have to use their psychic gifts in their work. Leaning on this skill is one way to help you understand that it is as stable and supportive as the times table is to the mathematician.

All my love,

Through her Private Intuition University program Aimée helps her students discover and hone their intuitive and psychic abilities.  If you are ready for a personal mentor in your process, check out her program and send in your application today.  If you’ve already got an established practice, drop her a line with your website or tell her and the world what you do with your comment below, someone reading this just might be looking for you.  More about Aimée Cartier and her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com.For my intuitively gifted friends from Aimee Cartier



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