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How to talk to talk to kids about intuition

Recently one of my Intuition University students asked me, “How do you talk about this stuff with your kids– do you make it magical, or regular?” She was talking about intuition, about recognizing and following your own inner knowing.


I responded immediately, “Regular. Absolutely. Because that’s how it feels to me.” I also wouldn’t want my children getting the impression that this was something “fairytale-esq” – something to be forgotten or left to their childhood after they’ve grown. I teach these techniques to adults. It’s real and it’s useful at any age. And I believe all ages benefit from access to their inner knowing– and the sooner they start tuning into that the better.

Then she asked me, “How do u do this?”

Well my kids are four and five-year olds. So I want to say right off the bat that I’m still learning and experimenting with passing this knowledge on to my own kids.   I have more experience teaching techniques that help you understand and master your own intuitive/psychic skills to adults. But I know I would feel sick if my children left my home without having access to the kinds of tools and practices that I teach my students all the time. I don’t want them to leave their childhood without knowing that their own inner guidance is wise and can help them in their life or to leave without knowing there are tools to use that can help them readily access their own knowing.

So here is what I have noticed thus far about teaching intuition use to kids:

For me it takes remembering to talk out loud about practices that are usually completely internal to me. I do them all the time, but unless I am in session with a student, I don’t usually mention them. I have to remember to speak up about them when my children present. I do it in little ways.

I say things to my daughter or son like, “What does your inner knowing say?” Or “Check in with yourself– see what feels right for YOU. What is right for another may be different for you.”

Or I model it myself– when faced with a decision over something that they are requesting of me I’ll say things like– “Hold on a second, let me check in with myself.” It’s a simple practice, but you might be surprised by how many people don’t actually do this sort of thing–check in with themselves to see what THEY feel or know about the situation.

I try to remember to say things out loud when I’m doing them. Like, “Hold on I need to clear my energy.” In this way even if I’m not explaining how to do this or exactly what I am doing, they are still getting the message that it is something that can be done. Of course I’ll share more of the how-to of these techniques as they grow.

One prominent example of my introducing my children to intuitive techniques started a while back when my son went through a period of having intense nightmares about wild animals. Of course I tapped him to relieve the energy in his own body. But we also started saying a nightly prayer/ask to his guides for him. If you are one of my students you know I teach that your guides can (and will) help you with anything, but it is always more effective if you actually ask them! So that’s what we did with my son. Every night before he went to sleep we started asking his guides help him have “only healing and happy dreams.”

Our out loud prayer went like this,

“Guides in the service of my highest good,

Please protect me and keep me safe and send me only healing and happy dreams tonight.

Thank you.”

And it worked. The nightmares stopped. And of course my daughter wanted to get in on it too.

Though the nightmares are gone my kids still frequently ask to do their guides prayer before bed. And my daughter is always into making even more requests of them than just a good night’s sleep. She’s forever asking, “Can we add more?” So we add things like, “Help me wake up feeling good in my body, refreshed, happy and ready for a new day,” or whatever we can think of. So she’s getting the same message my students do– you can ask your guides for anything– as it applies to her currently four-year-old self. 🙂

We’ve asked our guides for parking spots, to help us make the ferry, and other random things as well. The point is if you are already making good use of your own intuition you have to start being vocal about the practices or awareness that you have (and where they come from). You have to start saying out loud things like, “My intuition tells me we should do this.” Or what have you—using whatever language works for you.

If you are not engaging your intuition as much as you’d like but want to– and want to pass it on to your children– I would recommend either my Intuition University 🙂 or Sonia Choquette’s book, “The Intuitive Spark: Bringing Intuition Home to Your Child, Your Family, and You.” Now I have to confess here that I haven’t actually read this book. It sits on my shelf and I’ve skimmed it.  Still, I feel solid in the recommendation. I know Sonia’s work; she is spot on and in line with my own work. She’s great at inspiring others into relationship with their own inner knowing. So even without having read the Intuitive Spark cover to cover I feel confident that she will start you on your own way to not only being more intuitive yourself, but also in revealing practices that will help your children unfold their skill as well.

Here’s to making noticing and following yours and your children’s intuitive knowing in just a plain old and happily “regular” way.

All my love,


Aimée Cartier is a mom, psychic guide and the founder of Intuition University.  She teaches students who are ready to understand, enhance, trust and rely upon their own innate psychic skills and intuitive knowing– and to experience the empowerment and flourishing that follows. More about her programs or her psychic readings can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com










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