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The fear that exists when you are about to take the next big step: what it is and what it means.

Are you experiencing great fear? It could mean that you are on the threshold of something amazing.

I’m not talking about general anxiety and over arching worry. That’s something different. And probably you need to do some tapping on that.

key in door aimee cartier blog. pic by Tawheed ManzoorI’m talking about the fear you experience when you are about to take the next big step. When you are about to put yourself out there in a really big way—the kind of “there’s no going back kind of way.” The kind that is going to put you in the spotlight and tell other people (on whatever level) what you are up to, who you are.

I call this kind of fear “Threshold Fear.” I’ve experienced it. And I’ve seen it in my clients: People who are on the verge of something huge, and are (even if only internally) scared shitless. And because of my point of view as a Seer, (meaning looking at the big picture not just the specific circumstance), I’ve seen, so many times the situation where the fear is completely unrelated to the outcome or the choice.

fear of taking the next big steps aimee cartier blogThis person is supposed to do this thing– meaning they are perfect for it. They are suited for it. It’s not only their deepest soul longing, it’s also their inherent soul plan or make-up. And, still they are afraid.

This is what I call threshold fear. When I’m doing a reading, in my mind’s eye, it appears to me as this burning white blue fire that exists on the threshold of a doorway. You must move through it in order to get where you are going. And in some cases, the cases I’m talking about– you are going there. It is your soul’s plan and your highest birthright. Forces in and outside of yourself are moving you steadily in that direction so that honestly you really don’t have a choice. To fight it would be to cause yourself untold hardship, for the sake of… nothing. You must do that thing. It’s your calling, your birthright, your true position.

threshold fear aimee cartier blogI’m writing this because I want you to know that it exists: this deep and consuming fear. And it has nothing to do with your success. Meaning, in most cases, your success is not even in question, as your mind might perceive it to be. You are that thing. And to be so and take your rightful place, position, job, calling etc. is a rightful and true thing. Your experience of internal fear does not mean that it is scary, or that there is any real danger there. It means you are crossing the threshold. There is no going back. And truly, you wouldn’t want there to be.

In my book, Getting Answers, I have a whole chapter about fear. And I speak about fear as being, more than anything else, a signal to you that you are about to enter the unknown. It’s your warning: this as it is about to be has never existed before for me. The strength of the fear relates to the scope of the change or responsibility, it has nothing to do with the outcome.

True warnings about things that are truly dangerous rarely come in the sort of full throttle internal fear that I am speaking of here. They usually come from your intuition as a slight internal warning that sways you a different way.

If you are experiencing great internal fear that you might fail, flunk, or fuck up in some serious way, it’s more than likely that this is your best and truest course. You are on the threshold.

When you take the throne of your own life so to speak, you ARE on the spot. People will now look at you when you tell them what and who you are. You will no longer just be standing in the shadows, knowing you are this thing, but not being it, or not having other people know it about you. You are making a public declaration that you are taking this thrown, this job, this profession, this out loud way of being and life action.

Don’t let that burning threshold of white and blue fire distract you.

You own that. You deserve it and you belong there on every level. Step over that threshold. Take it and show up.

press to open aimee cartier blog pic by Anthony AlbrightWe’re waiting.

All my love,


threshold fear aimee cartier blog

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