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Totally free and better than a spa!? Last night it was.

I had this amazing experience last night.

I got into bed at 7:30PM.  Truly, it was prompted by heat exhaustion and a blasting headache.  Still, after sleeping for a bit  while the ibuprofen and strawberry infused water worked their magic, I woke up and laid in bed while doing NOTHING… for hours.  I kept checking in with myself, to see, “Should I at least get book, or my notebook, or my phone even– so that I can do something while I’m laying here?”  But the answer every time was “No, this is just perfect.”

My mind wandered, but it didn’t try to actually accomplish anything.  And furthermore it did not have access to any of the aforementioned (or other) tasks I usually give it to do, so it too relaxed.

Laying there in my bed, completely horizontal, pjs on, without any of my usual pursuits in front of me was the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience.  It was kind of like going to a spa.  Only dare I say, better?  Last night it was.  Because truly that is just what my body needed– an extended horizontal period where I wasn’t actually doing anything.  My thoughts meandered.  My husband joined me for a while and we chatted.  He showed me a stupid video that totally made me laugh.  But mostly I just lay there in my nightgown, feeling the light and breeze mingle together wafting through our bedroom windows and over my skin, and did nothing.

It was a complete and total reset.

pic by Laura D'Alessandro
pic by Laura D’Alessandro

This morning I woke up with ZEST and PEP in my step.  Before 9AM I had already written several articles in my head and had accomplished in real time something that’s been on my to do list for a while: making edible flower ice cubes.  (I’ll post about this later.)

I’m always aware of how going to bed early sets me to right in ways that are sublime, practical, and gratifying beyond words, but this experience took it to a whole new level.  Perhaps you need a day on a party raft in the Puget Sound with good friends celebrating your husband’s birthday and not actually drinking enough liquid to get you there– I don’t know.  But sun drenched exhaustion did help me arrive at this sublime experience.  There was nothing else I wanted to be doing, other than laying in my comfy bed eyes open or closed, in repose.

I highly recommend.



better than a spa Aimee Cartier blog. sunset breeze pic by Laura D'Alessandro-001

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