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Stress-relief magic in a cup? Yes please.

IMG_9469.JPGYesterday I walked into the house and I said, “It smells like roses in here?”

One of our stellar babysitters responded, “It’s the tea.”

“Ahhh- yes,” I said sighing at the mention of my favorite tea, which as it so happened my daughter and her babysitter were sitting at the table having a cup of.

First of all, the tag line under the tea says, “Magical and Stress-relieving.” Hello!? Any questions? I didn’t think so.

This particular brand of tea (Organic India: Tulsi) has a tag line for dummies (just kidding, I’m not dumb and neither are you) on all their tea labels.


Stress-Relieving & Magical

 Once, when the store was out of my magical Sweet Rose blend I bought the Red Mango. I chose my flavor based on the tag line.  Instead of reading the flavors I was standing there in the aisle reading all of the tag lines.  When I got to the RED MANGO: Stress-relieving and Nourishing. I popped that baby in my cart pronto.  Sold.  I happened to be on a very not-so-vacationy vacation at the time.  And I thought if I can’t have magic, at least I’ll get something nourishing.

As far as I can tell they are all “stress-relieving.” I believe it’s because they are all made with Tulsi plant, which is considered by some to be a holy, sacred, and healing plant.  Something of an Indian basil. (This site also has a pretty hefty list of it’s healing properties.)

Tulsi holy basil plant  pic by Snap
Tulsi holy basil plant
pic by Snap

All I know for sure is that, Tulsi SWEET ROSE flavor is simply divine. Good all the ways I like tea: straight, with honey, and with honey and cream. It’s my all time go to in terms of tea. It pretty much sits right with any moment, morning till night.  (After I’ve had my morning hot cocoa that is.)

It is my opinion that even if you are not a tea drinker, you would like this magical blend. I mean it’s flavored water after all, and in this case infused with the goodness of herbs that can only do you right.   Try it.  It’s so good!

I mean seriously, who doesn’t need more stress-relief and magic in their lives?

Straight from Organic India.



Stress-relieving magic in a cup? Yes please. aimee cartier blog. Tulsi plant pic by by Rajagopal Govindaraj

pic by Rajagopal Govindaraj


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