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Why live an intuitive life? One word: MAGIC

One of the sweetest experiences I always remember happened to me once while standing in line waiting for an office to open. I was in a tiny room waiting with four adults and one child. It was very quiet, not a person was speaking, until the approximately five-year-old boy piped up with, “Is magic real?”

The room remained completely silent. I could tell that his mother wasn’t going to answer the question so I looked down at him and without saying anything I winked.
A huge grin spread over his face. And with a satisfying tone in his voice and a gleam in his eye he said slowly, “I thought so….” and (even though I didn’t know him) he leaned into my leg in solidarity, as if he and I shared a special knowledge: A secret that it’s possible no one else in the room could see. In truth is seemed that way, every other adult in the room remained completely motionless staring straight ahead, lost in their own thoughts, not a one even shifted to acknowledge the moment, the question, or the exchange that had just happened.

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And I think I know why.

Some adults think that magic is not real.

They believe that magic is for childhood illusions, spectacular imaginative daydreams, or people who identify with fairies, wizards and fantasy novels. They do not believe that magic is rooted in reality.

I know differently.

Magic is as real as it comes. Let me tell you about it. I live it all of the time. It enters your daily life in practical ways when you live an intuitive life—a life in which you are tuned into your own natural inclinations, sacred knowledge and aware of what is happening around you. It’s a life in which you can read the subtle signs around you as if they are billboards announcing the way of things, how things are about to unfold, or what is your best course or action within the framework of what is happening. It’s one where you can sense in your body the tone of how something is going to go long before it does, and without ever being told. It’s a life that gives you a heads up when you need one or when it will add positively to your life to have. In practical terms it often looks like this:


  • Magic is when the right people appear in your life at the right time.
  • Magic is when you can see the bigger gifts of things, even when going through hardship or something painful.
  • A magical life is full of shortcuts. You don’t necessarily know how you are going to get there, but you follow your impulses until you suddenly find yourself landed in exactly the place that you had envisioned or hoped for, and without doing any or all of the work that your mind insisted you must do in order to arrive.
  • Magic is the ability to trust your gut and act on it even when it’s telling you something that you probably wouldn’t have done and then reaping the benefits that come from following that instinct– the things that happened BECAUSE you trusted your gut that day and showed up, changed your life, or didn’t do anything at all.
  • Magic is when beautiful things arise in front of you wherever you are and you can feel the sacredness of the moment even if you happen to be standing in the most mundane of places.
  • Magic is when your prayers or actions touch you or others deeply in ways that bring peace and soul-deep satisfaction.
  • Magic comes in all shapes and sizes– people, funny occurrences, breathtaking moments… Its scope is endless and varied beyond imagination.

I could give many examples for each one of these things from my own life because I live a magical life.

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You too can do this. Whoever you are, you can have this for yourself. Everybody can. It’s a matter of honing skills, of shifting attention, or paying attention, of allowing innate wisdom, and understanding to surface, of giving this knowing its proper place and following it through with action. Wherever you are on the path of acknowledging/accepting/listening to/acting on your own intuition these gifts, this magic, is available to you. Right now.

I help people enhance this in their life—because I’m good at it, born to it even, AND because I know how spectacular it is. Living a magical life is beyond the capacity of words to describe. It’s rich and joyous. It’s helped me achieve practical things like find and have a partner who I love and jive with on every level, live in a place that brings me happiness and beauty, be surrounded by things that support me and feel abundant in their gifts, and know that whatever question I have, whatever fine-tuning comes up and is needed, that I am and will be able to find my way through it. By living it, I know in my bones that with inquiry the answers will be obvious to me as soon as they are available. This is my life.

This is also the kind of thing that I teach others to do. I’m just launching my new Intuition University. It’s not a classroom with other people. It’s private, just for you, tailored to you, skill-honing and guidance on how to plug into and lead your own magical life, within whatever circumstances you are currently experiencing. It’s higher learning in a grand sense (like an accessing your own higher knowing sense). In one-on-one sessions I help you gain access to your own inner knowing, see and develop your intuitive gifts and learn how (through practice while being supported by an expert) to follow them unwaveringly. I help you turn your own inner key to access and live your magical life.

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Because magic is real people! And it’s amazing, as anyone who experiences it knows! It’s not just for fantasy novels. It’s for your life. Your whole life long.
And if you feel like you need help to get there, I’ll be happy to be your guide.

Much love, as always,


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Aimée Cartier is a professional psychic and the founder of Intuition University, a program that teaches students either one-on-one, or in group classes how to hear and follow the power and the magic of their own inner knowing.  More about her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com

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