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If you need a reason to trust your intuition here are four.

Paying attention to your intuition is optional, unless you use yours, then you know without a doubt, that if you were going to pick one of your senses to go without intuition would NOT be it.

I call intuition your sixth sense. Everybody has it. Everybody. The way it works for each individual is always a little different­ but ­it does have some universal qualities. People wonder what intuition is. Admittedly, it’s a sense that can sometimes feel nebulous– you know– its source is not attached to your face. 🙂 So here are some things you might not know about it, and if you need reasons to trust it, these qualities can help you make the leap.

  1. It’s designed to pick up information that contributes to or directly creates your success.
pic by Steven Depolo
pic by Steven Depolo

That’s right. Just like your other senses it’s designed to give you information it would behoove you to know. This can come in all shapes and sizes, like a notion about what a friend is experiencing that helps you truly be there for them. A heads up for something that is about to come your way so that you can be better prepared for it, or at the very least be grounded in your acceptance of its happening as it does. An immediate sense right off the bat that you like someone, want to be their friend, work for them, or that this would be a beneficial connection to you in someway. A feeling of mistrust of someone for a reason you can’t identify. All of those examples and thousands more come from your intuition, and each of them is designed to give you information that will allow you to alter or chose your course for success.

  1. It gives you information that is often beyond what your five senses could pick up or even beyond what your brain would be capable of knowing.
Insight. Pic by David Feltkamp
Insight. Pic by David Feltkamp

What do I mean by that? The easiest and best example, that probably everyone can relate too is that feeling you have when you suddenly think of a loved one or have the urge to reach out to them. Nothing in your immediate surrounding has made you think of them, and yet you very clearly have an urge to connect. When you do so you find that either that person was just thinking of you or that there is something happening in their life that you could help them with or add positively too, even just by being present. Wherever you are when you get this information there is no way that either your five senses or your brain could have picked up this knowledge. It is beyond the general use of these bodily tools. And still, you know. It works like that for all kinds of things. Paying attention to your own intuition means you get to know all kinds of things it would be beyond your brain’s general capacity to deduct. It’s a good thing. (See number one!)

  1. It’s non-linear.
A light dawns pic by Danial Khilji
A light dawns, out of nowhere. Pic by Danial Khilji

What this means most importantly in terms of your relationship to it is that it’s not always possible to have a question and then sit down and intuit the answer. It doesn’t work like that. You can’t make the answer appear by sitting down to meditate on it or setting up some other formulaic method of getting your answers. Sometimes insights do occur when you take certain actions, but intuition is not formulaic.

There is a certain natural flow and timing to the universe and even your intuitive answers are beholden to it. Let me give you an example of why this is a good thing. Say you are looking for a new job. Perhaps the answer turns out to be a very specific company that is a perfect fit for you but it takes you a while to find that out. That’s because it doesn’t necessarily happen that the moment you start your own questioning that the job is actually available. Like most things, a lot of behind the scenes work takes place for any particular happening. The execs at that company may just be tossing around the idea of hiring someone. Or the person that currently has that job may not have given their notice yet. The business may be just about to list the opening but haven’t yet done so. If you were to sit down and try to get the answer of applying to that specific company right when you had the question, it may actually end up costing you more time, energy, and disappointment, and in the worst case you might even miss the opening. You could easily get so excited about this company, spend a lot of time tailoring your resume, searching to see if that company had any openings, and only to discover a dead-end street. The position is not listed yet. Getting your answer too early may cause you to give up on that company all together or start associating it with something you extended a lot of effort toward with little result. Hence, the reason why answers come in their own sweet time.

Generally your intuition provides you understanding when the timing is right on all fronts.  It’s best when you get the insight the moment the path becomes available, and not a moment too soon.  It’s why the information that your sixth sense gives you often follows a timeline other than your own. It can be frustrating occasionally to be sure. But it’s easier when you understand that sometimes knowing a thing too early can cause more frustration than not knowing at all until the time is right.

  1. Information from your intuition is best used in real-time.
When the window of opportunity opens, take it. Pic by Chelsea Gabriel
When the window of opportunity opens, take it. Pic by Chelsea Gabriel

If you pay attention to it, your intuition will give you information that is helpful for you to know right now. It provides you insight as you go along on a moment-to-moment, need-to-know basis. So if you get an impression to do something, as much as is possible, do it right away. Especially if you have a real working relationship with this sense of yours, it often gives you information that will lead you to the next step. It’s part of the fun of it. Following one impulse leads you to the next.

I use mine in all kinds of ways. On daily practical levels sometimes it prompts me to make more food than I would have otherwise. Then just before dinner some friends spontaneously stop by and I realize that I made all that extra so that they could join us for our meal. I don’t think about it anymore, or try to figure out why. When the intuitive impulse arises I follow it. It always leads me to positive experiences. Whether they have been monumental like landing a job, or meeting a pivotal person in my life, or simple like having plenty of goodness on hand to enjoy time with friends, each of these experiences adds happy to my life.

Following yours will add the same to yours.

It’s what your intuition is made for. (See number one.) 😉

Flower reaching. Pic by titanium22
Flower reaching. Pic by titanium22



If you are interested in developing your own intuition, I’d love to help. It’s one of my specialties. If you want to do it yourself, I wrote a book for you. It’s called: Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life. If you are ready for more in-depth study, practice, and to take yours to the next level through private intuition development sessions check out my Intuition University program. You can find out more about it and me here: www.AimeeCartier.com.

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