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Confused about your life? What it means and what to do about it.

I sometimes run across people in my work as a psychic who feel baffled by their life. They simply don’t know what to do. They don’t know which way to go. They don’t know how to react to certain situations, what to do about them, how to get out of them or if they should. From time to time I see people get lost in the bafflement– so I wanted to express this– confusion is real and it happens from time to time to ALL of us. You are not alone. I am a psychic but that doesn’t mean– in my personal life­­– I don’t experience complete bewilderment from time to time. But I also want you to know that not only is it totally okay, it signifies something important AND there IS actually something you can do about it.

Pic: Mikhail Kryshen Kryshen.net/photos
Which way to go?  Pic: Mikhail Kryshen  Kryshen.net/photos

First off, know: Being baffled is really nothing to worry about. It happens. Mystery is as natural as knowledge. It exists– both in our inner world, in terms of not knowing the best way to deal with something, and in our outer world, in terms of not understanding the decisions that other people choose to make, or how or why things happen.

What I can also tell you is this: experiencing bafflement is a sign. It indicates it is time for you to regroup.

If you feel baffled by the life you are living, or how it got this way, or why you can’t seem to make or know what changes to make– it’s time to have a real heart to heart conversation with yourself.

Pic: Chalon Handmade
Pic: Chalon Handmade

The best action you can take when experiencing confusion in your own life is to take stock. Think of it, if you will, like organizing the pantry. The pantry items are the actions and experiences that fill your life. To make the recipe of your life you need certain ingredients. Ideally you work with ones that are important to you, ones that have meaning and potency for you personally. When you take a look at your metaphorical pantry you may find that some things are just in there because you made one recipe one time that required this certain thing– not because it is actually important or useful to you now. Some things get in there because someone else thought they were important. Or perhaps these items claimed their space because, at one time­, they were important to you– but aren’t anymore. Now those things may be crowding the space and preventing you from having room for the experiences that are really important to you on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis.

When you are feeling mystified by your own life, it’s time to get clear on your own priorities and your own values.

It’s time to look for and understand your own vision of your life and what is important to it, or at a minimum, what is interesting to you right now.

It’s time to ask yourself what you really want. What is your optimal vision for your life? What elements are important for you to have in your days or weeks? Let other people’s expectations take the sidelines in this conversation. For now, this is a dialogue between you and you. 🙂

Next, it’s time to make changes– little or big– these adjustments will help you move or aim in the direction you feel you want to go. Depending on what your life looks like at the moment you will either start by trimming out the actions, commitments, or circumstances in your life that don’t coincide with your priorities or adding in experiences that do reflect your current values and aspirations.

Pic: AZRI kamaruddin
Pic: AZRI kamaruddin

For example, if your goal is to understand yourself better, make a list of things that you already know you love to do or experience. Then you follow through with actually making time to do some of those things.

If your priority is having a loving relationship with your spouse or family, you likewise make time for and fill in experiences that will create room for or enhance that goal.

If your priority is to have a job that you love and one that fulfills you, start by assessing what qualities you feel that job would have. Then for goodness sake, start actually looking for another job!

You don’t have to understand everything all the time. I’m here to tell you that being confused can actually be a good thing—if you are willing to take stock. It’s no big deal really; it’s just a signal that you need a little adjusting. Something in you or outside of you has changed and now you also need to shift in order to get back in line with yourself. You don’t even have to know exactly how you are going to get where you want to go. But to make the most of your life, and to determine the best way forward FOR YOU, and to clear your own confusion, it is helpful to know what you value, what you prioritize, what you want to experience or what you don’t want to live without.

It’s okay to be baffled from time to time. It happens to everyone. You’ll make it easier on yourself though and move through it quicker if you use this time to sit back and sort through what you do know about yourself. Trust me, even if you don’t know what to do now, you will.  I promise you won’t be baffled forever. 😉

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