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Generally speaking, your intuition doesn’t use fanfare. :)

When I was in high school I knew I needed to take “Typing 101.” That was before computers were really a thing. Although I didn’t have that big of a clue as to why, I knew it was very important, vital even, to my future. I knew it in my bones with unshakable– but also shoulder shrugging indifference– Typing 101 is what I needed to do.

pic Lainey Powell
pic Lainey Powell

I say “shoulder shrugging” because quite often that is how using my own inner knowing feels. There are no stars and stripes; rarely does a rocket burst forth in my inner mind indicating THIS is the way to go. In fact, I  can’t think of a single time of that happening to me– the rocket.  And yet, even my friends agree that I am one of the most naturally intuitively guided people they know.  Following my own intuition unwaveringly is what brings me the good stuff in life.  For real.

But mostly the voice of my intuition is all– “I feel impelled to move in this direction.” And so I do. Sometimes I might not even know exactly why, like my taking typing class example. And to be completely forthright here, if you are going to learn to trust your own intuition, I have to tell you, for the record, you are going to have to be okay with that – the not necessarily knowing why you need to do something. Generally speaking, you learn the why by doing what you know you must do. Sometimes it’s an hour later, sometimes it takes years, but that’s okay. No biggie.

I was in college when I first discovered how typing came in handy—because seriously, if you can’t remember back that far– no one was using computers in the early 90’s when I was in high school. Our college may have been ahead of the game, but communicating homework through email became common practice for our professors. And of course all of our papers were expected to be typed.

Me in my studio.
Me in my studio.

Speed forward to now… Every Sunday I write in my studio. I also see clients and students on this day, but the biggest chunk of my Sunday is for writing. I write, sometimes for hours. Because the truth is even the shortest blog post usually takes hours to put together. 😉

Last Sunday I came in the house after my studio time around the hour that I usually do. I was moving across the living room, past the Christmas tree lights and the wood stove warmth, toward the kitchen where the smell of what my husband was cooking for dinner wafted, when I noticed again, that different experience inside.  The one I experience every Sunday after a day of writing. It’s a visceral experience of bone deep satisfaction.  It’s a happiness in my soul. That is how I always feel when I write: A happiness in my soul that goes even beyond my body. It’s so satisfying that I notice the way I feel inside my body is different.  I’m moving through the same kitchen and living room that I do every day, all the time, and yet my internal state is completely different then it usually is.  It is as though I have fulfilled a requirement that is a necessity for me and every bit of me feels soothed.


Soul happy. This is the kind of experience that following my knowing about needing Typing 101 brought to me effortlessly. I never had trouble typing my papers in college, as I have no issue typing my experiences right now.

Now I’m not trying to go on and on about how GRRrreat I am for taking typing in high school! 😉 What I am doing is giving an example that is very pertinent to me (I’m using those skills to write this,) to show you how when you follow your instincts, not only do you always win, it usually doesn’t look like any big thing at all.

It is just trickles of information that slowly but effortlessly lead you to the goodness of your life, to the vital beating inspiring pulse of who YOU are, to what is important to you, and to the experiences that make YOU shine.

Tapping my love to you,


pic: Fe Illya
pic: Fe Illya

Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide and intuition teacher.  Through her Intuition University program she teaches others how to strengthen, rely upon, and use their own intuition. What comes after that is experiencing the joyous, positive, life transforming results!  Her next group class starts February 2017.  Sign up here to stay in the loop. Find out more at www.AimeeCartier.com 

pic: Daisy Ware Jarrett
pic: Daisy Ware Jarrett

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