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This is actually something I think a lot about—how to help people trust their own vibes more—how to connect to their own inner knowing and reap the benefits.  You guys it is so good.  Doing so allows you to get the experiences your soul is craving.  Did you know that?  That following your own inner knowing/intuition leads you to the experiences your soul intended.  

For many years of my life I would get these flashes of where I was going.  It was usually more of a feeling than a detailed picture.  I knew I was writing.  I had a sense but not a visual of the space around me.  And most importantly I had this deep feeling of satisfaction—like finally all the important pieces of my life were in play.

I don’t actually recall anymore when it was that I realized I was inthat period of my life.  It was years ago now—though the realization does still come again from time to time—and I love it when it does!  But it took me a while to recognize the alignment of my moments with the vision that had haunted me for so long.  I didn’t recognize it because I was too busy living it.  I was in those moments enjoying the deliciousness of what they entailed.  And they entailed many things.

But let me back up. Do you know how I got to that place? That moment on my personal time line where I felt just right in my soul and in my life—the moment where I could sense that all the important cards were finally lined up and in play?  One intuitive step at a time.

The road to it didn’t come with big signs or a flashing arrow or anything showy.  It didn’t even come pointing me in the direction of “writing.” It came by following one inner “yes” after another.  I can see now that it was a long trajectory— but the final pieces were the “yes” to my husband, the “yes” to our children, the “yes” to spend time writing.  Those are just some of them though.  When I look at it so much had to add up and come together to lead me to that moment.  Including the very building I was sitting in when I recognized I was in that moment! It was built for me by my husband. When that original vision was plaguing me strong (meaning coming often and frequently) the building (my studio) wasn’t even a speck in an imagination.  I wasn’t even dating my husband at the time and he certainly had no notion that one day he was going to build this place for his future wife to write and work away from the demands of their family life.

I can still recall though sitting in my studio one-day writing when I had the dawning realization, “This is that moment.  I have arrived!”  It snuck up on me really.  I was so busy living it and caught up in the fullness of what my husband and I had created. 

It’s hard to describe that profound full body and being gratification on a page.  Words won’t really do justice the level of soul deep satisfaction that I experience by all of these pieces being together.  The combination is unique to me, but thrilling and oh-so-right.  But I can tell you that this is exactly what your intuitive sense guides you to. Whatever those moments are for you. Your intuition is designed to give you information that allows your soul to thrive and to do what it is here to do. You want that information.  You want that knowledge.  You want that life.

So seriously, it’s simple. Notice the intuitive impulses when they come.  They are bound to be subtle. Take the path it guides you on—even if it feels scary.  I promise even one baby intuitive step at a time is leading you precisely where you need to go.  



P.S. If you need help—I’ve got a book for you: Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life.  You can even download the first part for free on my website. I wrote it so you could know how easy it really is to use your intuition to get answers. Anyone can do it. I guide you through the four EASY steps inside.

P.P.S. If you are REALLY ready to own your own intuitive skills— I’ve got a program for you.  It’s called Intuition University.  My private program is completely dialed to you, helping you understand and enhance your particular intuitive skill set, and to get the tools, support and experience you need feel confident and empowered by your OWN inner knowing!  Trust me, it’s a skill that benefits you for a lifetime! 

Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide, author, speaker, and Intuition University founder. Her programs and teaching are dedicated to guiding and empowering others to access and trust their own innate intuitive senses and so that they can reap the benefits of doing so their whole lives long! More about her and her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com.

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