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The Secret Light in Dark Times

The day after the election an image came to me so strongly. It’s been burning in the back of my mind ever since.

The vision was thus: Darkness, like the midnight blue darkness of a night (not pitch black) was everywhere. This was the world. And amidst that darkness I could see candles lit. At the moment when I first saw the vision, the morning of November 9th, there were few flames. Still I could see them holding steady in the darkness, beacons to others—their light holding securely like the candle I held in my own hands.

pic: letavua

As this was just after the election news hit, I could tell that some of these candles were held by those who, like myself, had been able to feel what was coming. They had foresight. They understood, by whatever means were natural to them, even a week prior to the election, that the world was hanging in a perilously unstable place, and that this would not be resolved by votes tallied. Some of these candle holders were seers like myself and could feel and sense what was coming. Others were those who always held the light—no matter what was going on in the world: they were the monks, the nuns, the bodhisattvas, the Thich Nhat Hanh’s and the Desmond Tutu’s

attribution unknown
attribution unknown

of the world. Some of them resided in far away places and didn’t have a lot of contact with others, and yet their job had always been and remained to hold the light. To me, it felt like those light holders had been doing this… forever. Unlike myself– I knew that I had just flicked on my light the week prior. I also knew that this place I was seeing always existed, only it was rarely glimpsed, at least by me. It was a place that I went to, by my own secret back door, only in times when there was great unrest and strife in the world.

Though it was dark I could feel the comfort of being there. There was a richness and hope at seeing my fellow light holders doing their part in steadiness. Holding their own candles were others with skills far greater than my own, but among us there was an unwavering knowledge and commitment to do what we must. It didn’t feel like we had been waiting for this time to come– it felt as though we wished that it hadn’t, but knowing it had, we, each of us, whether we resided there permanently or slipped through our back door to turn on our light– knew what to do and were doing it. As we had agreed. For me, it felt like calling on a skill that I hadn’t needed to use for a VERY LONG TIME. It was an inside knowing, of a skill so old; one that had been unseen and unneeded for a great while, but was now required.

aimee-cartier-candle-2At the time of my vision I had been “holding my candle” for days, meditating as often as I could (2-3 times a day) to gain and then hold a vibration of constancy and goodness, of light and strength. That morning, I also knew it was time to gently nudge my fellow vibration holders/shifters – to make sure that those close to me were awake and luminous for this time. I sent out text messages that morning to my close friends and students– to those who I knew had the capacity to hold light. It went something like, “Now is the time to turn on your light.”

I wrote an article around then especially for my empathic sisters and brothers because I know they have a special and particular offering that they can contribute in times like these.

I could feel them, all across the world. Sitting in the darkness holding their candles: A small but powerful light. And as the days went by and I watched the vision I saw how more lights were blazing on as the moments passed. Over time– instead of a darkness sparsely populated with light– the darkness became more and more awash with golden white tiny flames.

Since that time I’ve been staying true to this vision. Mostly by keeping my unwavering commitment to do what I do– help empaths understand their own power, help others amplify and understand their own intuitive knowing so that they can also be guided from within in these times ahead. Meditating. Did I mention meditating!?

But personally, I feel that we are all preparing for a long haul.

How do we awaken? How do we turn on our own light? In truth it’s not that hard. What do you do already? Do more of that. Be you. Get clear on your own values and priorities and commit to those whole heartedly– in actions. Prepare your inner state if you like: meditate, exercise. Be ready and capable of holding the light for a long time.

each-of-us-a-tiny-flame-that-contributes-to-the-whole-luminosity-aimee-cartier-blog-cc-pic-unbekannt270-001We are each of us a tiny flame that contributes remarkably to a world made of light (should we so choose). Just one alone is a lovely and powerful brilliance but does not light up the whole word. But one by one, when we turn on our lights, those around us are better able to see their way– to see their light switch, their contribution to the whole. And so a vast luminosity is made.

I think my friend and renowned mythologist/soul speaker Michael Meade, put it nicely when I heard him say the other day:

“You do not have to know the whole song. You only have to know your note.”

Shine and sing folks. Shine and sing.

Happy Solstice.

All my love,


 pic: Markus Grossalber
pic: Markus Grossalber


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