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The Universe is speaking to you ALL of the time! Identifying answers with a Signature of Spirit.

If you are wondering about something in your life… if you are pondering a certain, “How to do this or that,” or “Is this the best choice for me?” then Spirit/the Universe/ God/ your Highest Self/ your Guides—however you prefer to refer to it (because it can be any of those)– IS speaking to you, sending you messages all the time. ESPECIALLY if you are asking questions!

Hold on, what do I mean about asking questions? (Because you saw the all caps on the ESPECIALLY right!?) I mean, are you asking a very precise and direct question on what you are concerned/wondering about? Or are you just hemming and hawing or grumbling and perhaps complaining about what you don’t know or aren’t happy with? If you want the most efficient way to your answers you start by asking direct questions. You ask them to the very same sources I mentioned above. Then, you watch what happens.

Spirit will meet you wherever you are to give you the answers to your questions. In fact, whether you realize it or not it is always doing so. Sometimes the answers come in ways that have what I call a “Signature of Spirit.” The easiest way to recognize these answers when they come is that your senses become very amplified. For a second, or however long it takes for you to receive your information, your normal way of perceiving things is heightened or in some way altered. The moment often takes on a feeling of timelessness. It feels like everything but the thing that you are being directed to notice fades into the background.

I’ve got lots of examples in my book, Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life.

Here are a few of those to help you understand what I mean.

Excerpted from Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life

Many years ago I was living in Port Townsend, Washington. Although I had dear friends there, it never truly felt like home to me. I loved the small town feel of it, but somehow I always felt as though I were driving through someone else’s hometown, not my own. I got to a point where I began to realize that I needed to leave Port Townsend. I felt ready to find my own home even though I had no idea where that was. Where is my home? was the question foremost on my mind. I was standing in a girlfriend’s living room one afternoon when I got my answer.

My friend was telling me about something she and some other friends had done over the weekend, and in the course of her story, she said the word Vashon. It totally stuck out to me. It felt like everything else she had said was in a normal voice, but for that one word she had picked up a mini-megaphone and spoken through it right into my ear. The word Vashon was still echoing in my head when I interrupted her.

“Wait. What’s that?” I asked. “What’s Vashon?”

“Oh it’s the island where Mark and Dana live,” she said, and continued her story.

It was that one word in her story that provided me with the answer I was looking for. Following that lead, I went to check out the island of Vashon. As soon as I landed on the island, doors started opening for me, and a few months later I made the move. Since the moment I arrived, this little island community has felt like home to me in a way that no other place ever has. And all it took for me to get here was asking the question and living my life. No extra hoopla needed.

The truth is, God, Spirit, and your benevolent helpers and guides are speaking to you all of the time. They want you to have the answers to your questions. They do. They want you to have whatever information will make your life easier, better, more fun, more satisfying, happier, etc. They want you to know what is in your best interest and they will use any means necessary to get through to you.

Several months ago I was speaking to a friend when I received another important message. I had been thinking about Europe a lot during that time, Ireland specifically. This was not long after I had made the realization that I was looking for my soul family. As I thought about Ireland, I considered the possibility of going there for an extended visit—like six months to a year or something. I was playing with different ideas in my mind, considering what would be best for me overall and wondering how or if these ideas fit into finding my soul family. As I was telling my girlfriend about this one morning, I got my answer. In response to what I had just told her, she looked at me thoughtfully, cocked her head to one side, and then said, “It would be a mistake for you to think that anything you need is anywhere other than here.”

As she said those words, I heard them in what I sometimes call the voice-of-God tone. It wasn’t that my friend had changed her voice at all. But the words reverberated in my head, echoing throughout my whole body as though she’d spoken through a microphone. I felt like I had just heard the voice of the Divine, through the lips of my girlfriend Mary Kay.

The words were still resounding in my mind a half an hour later as I got in my car. Sitting in the driver’s seat, I spoke them out loud to myself for the first time. At that moment my back windshield wiper whirled to life. Now this might not have been significant except for the fact that it hadn’t worked for the last six months. I laughed out loud as the wiper thumped across the dry window like a dog’s wagging tail: You got the message! Yay! We’re so happy! Yes, EVERYTHING you need is RIGHT HERE. I could practically hear my spirit guides shout!

Like I said, your benevolent helpers—God, your Highest Self, whatever you want to call your version of the Highest—will use whatever means necessary to get through to you. Nothing, not even inanimate objects, is off limits!

Not too long ago I was sitting in the work place of a friend of mine. She had just separated from her partner of 15 years. Not only did they own a home together, they also ran and operated a business together. We were sitting inside her office one evening when she confided in me that she was considering leaving the business altogether. At that moment the lights flickered. For one second the lights actually went off and back on again in her office. Spirit was talking to her. Yes! Leave the business! it practically shouted. That is a good idea for you! How did we know that was the answer? Because it happened in direct response to what she had just been talking about. The timing was precisely aligned with her words. Now if she had been saying something like, “I think there is more for me to learn here. I don’t know why but I feel as though I need to stick this out a little longer,” and then the lights flickered—the message would have been entirely different. We knew what the answer was because of what we had been talking about when the lights went off. In my experience messages with inanimate objects are used to confirm whatever has just been happening. Spirit will not try to make you guess what it means—it guides you by responding to what you have just been saying or doing. The specifics of the answer lay in what you have just thought, said, or done; and the participation of the inanimate object signals an affirmation to that response.

Messages are not hard to interpret. They are easy to understand when they come. And the truth is answers are always showing up in your life—even if you are unaware of them.  If you don’t hear the response the first time, the answer will come again.

What questions do you have about your life right now? What are you wanting to improve, change, or know? Identify your specific question. Then go about your life. Don’t worry, Spirit/the Universe etc. knows where you are! Answers will arrive where you are– all you need to do is be aware.  (If you need some tips on this you can find them in my book, in the chapter called, Expanded Awareness.)

Otherwise– you got this! Remember the Universe is in your camp! 🙂



Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide and the founder of Intuition University. She teaches programs for those interested in claiming their own inner knowing and feeling the empowered goodness that comes from understanding and relying upon your OWN intuition. She’s known for her clear accurate insight and her attention to practical details. She teaches group programs and a limited number of private students. You can find out more about her work or stay in touch at www.AimeeCartier.com.

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