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Your Highest Self: Who is S/He and why you want to know her (or him)!

During pretty much ALL of my Intuition University programs I teach my students to connect with and create a relationship with their own Highest Self or highest knowing.

I teach a technique that I use to do so, one I have been using for years. It’s simple, and easy (like most practices related to enhancing psychic skills). Any real psychic will tell you– it’s not hard to gain a clearer sense of your own innate psychic skills and intuitive traits. It involves some tiny adjustments in practice and a whole lot of noticing.

But who is your Highest Self? And why do you want a relationship with her? Or him!

Sometimes I also refer to your Highest Self as your soul. You know, that part of you that has been around longer than however many years old you are. The part of you that has access to everything you’ve ever learned as an incarnate being, understands your gifts and skills and knows why you are here now and where it is best for you to go.

In my book, Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life, I describe it this way:

I’m very well acquainted with the part of me that I identify as my Highest Self—my best me. I’ve spent years getting to know her and learning to discern not only how she feels but also how I can access her when I need her. I’ve learned that the combination of regular meditation and physical exercise keeps me in tune with her; it grounds me in my body so that I can bring the knowledge of my Highest Self into my life. Over the years I’ve learned to recognize her characteristics. To me she always appears as a benevolent portion of myself. When I am operating from her core, no matter what is happening I feel very calm, at ease, and joyous. She has other qualities that I rely upon as well. For example she not only knows everything about me and where I am going, but she is also in touch with the highest notion for every outcome. She sees the big picture, and emits only those feelings that are best for everyone. For instance, she is never petty or jealous. Above all she always knows my best course of action for accomplishing what I actually came to this earth to do and whom to turn to when I need help.

I identify this part of myself as my soul. Among her other qualities is an ability to see and understand the future. She is the deepest part of my being, the one who has been around for so long that she knows all—or at least she knows a million times more than small Aimée does. She sees my life and its small happenings with a bird’s eye view. She appreciates it for what it is bringing me, but she never gets bogged down in anything specific or heavy that my small self is feeling. She simply smiles and watches.


An active and open relationship with this part of yourself is an invaluable tool to have.

Her talents are vast. I can’t cover it in a paragraph! And they are often also specific to you. For example, my Highest Self has knowledge and abilities that yours do not – based on my life plan, purpose, and service – and vice versa. But I can say she will aid you in a multitude of things, including but not limited to: decision-making (petty or large), processing and moving emotion, establishing harmony in relationships, making decisions that are wise for you and yours – not only in the moment but also in the long run – and she will help you in achieving your life purpose. She’s definitely the part of you who recognizes your soul friends when you see them even if it is your first time meeting them. In short, she can help you in every aspect of your life. And she will, especially if you remember she is there. Call on her and rely upon her.

You have a Highest Self. We all do. One good way to start understanding this is to start asking her (or him) to be in charge– and to start noticing the results.

So the next time you find yourself in a challenging situation, try a little prayer/shout out to your Highest Self. “Highest Self please take over, lead me, and guide my actions.” Then allow your experience to guide and shape your knowledge of just what your Highest Self can offer you. In my experience (and that of my students), it’s a whole lotta goodness– just a prayer and a conscious connection away.



P.S. Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide, author, and the founder of Intuition University. She teaches others how to leave doubt behind so their inner knowing can guide them to the goods! If you recognize that the help of an expert and mentor is the next step in you gaining confidence in your own intuitive/psychic power and you are ready to take that step, then Aimée’s Intuition University is for you. More about Aimée Cartier and her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com.

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