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How empaths add light into this world

Let’s be honest here. This is kind of a tooting your own horn kind of post. But seriously it makes me happy. At the end of this month (January 22nd to be precise) I start another Empath Intuition University  course. This one is a seven-month program. I do them twice a year with January and September start dates. They are the same course—but one is every other week over seven months, and the other is every week over four months. And, I’m super proud of the work I do here. Not only because I universally get responses from students telling me what a difference this course has made in their lives. But also because I really believe that it makes a difference in the world.  And here is why:

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Empaths are vibration setters. That means when we are feeling on our game, others feel it too. I mean this is the case of everyone but empaths are amplifiers. Just as we are naturally set to pick up emotional (and other) information, we are also uniquely set to broadcast that information.

Every empath who is on her (or his) game is like an extra bright light that shines. (I think we could use this light right now. I think there is a lot going on in the world that gives cause for alarm.) Empaths in particular have the ability to shed light and create positive amplified vibration in places that could really use a lift. And when they know how to manage their abilities doing so doesn’t deplete them– it adds goodness to their lives too.

About half way through every one of my Empath Intuition University courses my students start to pipe up with comments like, “My husband can really tell the difference. He says, whatever I’m doing in this course is really working!” Or “My co-workers keep asking me what I’m doing to remain so calm and centered through all of this?” Or “My friends keep mentioning that I seem different– more centered, more calm, more at ease in my being.” And that’s because they are all of those things. And other people notice.

When I created Empath Intuition University I did so because I saw that there are so many empathic people out there and that almost universally they have no idea how to control their ability. (They might never have even heard the word before.)  What that means is they are constantly swamped by the information that they are picking up outside of themselves—the emotions and thoughts of others. But the tricky thing about being empathic is that you think it’s you. You feel that stuff in your own body, as though it were you. Unfortunately empathic ability doesn’t come with a flashing light and internal sign that says, “Attention! You are picking this up from outside of yourself. YOU are actually not upset right now. This is coming from elsewhere.” For the most part, until you learn to manage it, you think it IS you.  Science even has a name for the empathic phenomenon, a few actually.  They call it mirror-touch synesthesia. Physicists today also talk about what they call “quantum entanglement” which basically describes the feeling of being empathic.   It’s mysterious and they can’t explain it, but they know that it exists.

I’ve known it existed for about 15 years now, before I ever had a scientific word for it. Before I ever even knew the word empathic. Here is the story of when I first discovered I was an empath. It wasn’t that I just then became empathic– it was that the light finally dawned and I realized what had been happening to me my whole life.

Immediately following that discovery I set out practicing and inventing different tactics that would allow me to exist in the world without constantly being bombarded by other people’s business. Because you know what—I wanted to live my own life and not have to constantly sort through the opinions and feelings of others just to discover my own thoughts and feelings.

So, all these years later, when I see empaths graduate from my program who not only have the tools to manage their intake of information but who also have a handle on exactly how they can use their gift to add positively to this world– I think that’s a good thing. I think it’s amazing actually and I feel proud of that!

I feel proud of every Empath Intuition University student who positively affects their co-workers or family by learning how to manage their gift. I feel proud of every empath who discovers they don’t have to let themselves be taken down by every negative emotion they come across. That they can actually be in control of their own internal space and not always at the whim of whatever happens around them. I feel proud of every empathic person who starts to understand the tool at their disposal– the one built into their nature– and to use it for good in the world.

If you’d like to see a little more light in the world pass this article along to your empathic friends. That doesn’t give you an excuse not to do your own work if you are not empathic. 😉 But, it will help your friend start to understand the gift they have to wield at this important time. Tell them that Empath Intuition University is starting up again. Encourage them to get a handle on their gift – because without it– especially for an empath– it can be so devastating to live in a time like this. And wouldn’t you rather spread light than grief? I know I would.

“See” you soon.



Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide, author, and the founder of Empath Intuition University and Intuition University.  In either private or group programs she works with students who are ready to understand, enhance, trust, and be able to rely upon their own innate psychic skills and intuitive knowing and to reap the benefits of doing so.  She is known for her clear accurate insight and her attention to practical details.  More about her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com.






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