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I once had a woman interview me for her radio show and mention how she was so tired of hearing how people were all saying they were empathic and “using the word like it was a badge of honor or denoted some sort of spiritual superiority.”  I chuckled to myself when I heard this because it is so contrary to how I usually hear people talking about their empathic ability!

Honestly, to be empathic is overwhelming!  The majority of empaths I know (at least ones who haven’t had any training) say things like, “I’m so tired of being this sensitive.” Or “This is totally controlling my life and not in a good way!” Or “I can’t even figure out who I am or what I want I am so influenced by those around me.”

And I get it.  I still remember the moment I realized I was empathic. (Of course I had no idea there was a word for it then.) But one of my first questions to myself was, “Who am I? How can I even know who I am if I’ve been downloading everyone else’s business in my own body my whole life?” It took me mastering the tools that I now teach in my Empath Intuition University program to finally get a handle on that.  

One evening one of my Empath Intuition University students told our class about an night when she came home from a presentation on voter discrimination.  She described how the talk was very moving and how she left it with this strong feeling that maybe she should go into law and study voter’s rights.  She told us how for about 45 minutes she was so distraught at home because she was wondering if she had made a lot of really wrong choices in her life leading her to where she was now—when she could have been studying law.  That’s when it all dawned on her.  Now let me tell you that my student was (and still is) a farmer! Her life passion is the earth, plants, and seed saving in particular.  However, she had been sitting next to her best friend– who was in law school AND who had been getting all kinds of jived about the talk and who furthermore had been (while there) getting all kinds of clarity and confirmation on the type of law SHE wanted to go into.  My student, the farmer, in typical empathic style, had just downloaded the experience of her best friend and now she was confused. Actually by the time she told us about it she was relieved because thanks to her Empath Intuition University tools once she figured it out she had known just what to do– and in moments was back to her lovely seed saver (not law school bound) self!  My student confided to us that evening (as many empaths have before and after her) that she had experienced this type of confusion on who she was many a time. 

It absolutely can be confusing to be built to automatically download the experiences around you and play them out in your own body.  But it doesn’t have to be!  Empath I want you to have the resources you need to not suffer from this confusion! 

That’s why I teach my longer Empath Intuition University program once or twice a year.  That’s why I have a whole page of free Empath Resources and articles for you. That’s why I’m going to include links to some of the radio shows I’ve done talking about this ability and giving tools in the post script of this blog post.  That’s why I do a once a year full day workshop called Empath Tools. (The next one is coming up soon!) I teach my students the practices that allow you to manage your ability—to get connected and acquainted with who YOU are without everyone else’s ideas and opinions floating around in your frame all the time.  

I do it because I firmly believe that this world needs you. It doesn’t need seed farmers going around thinking they need to go to law school. We need the seed savers doing their work and the voters rights lawyers doing theirs!  It needs each of us doing what WE are here to do in this world.

If you are interested in decreasing the confusion – of getting to know yourself– follow me and my work. 

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P.S. Join me from wherever you are in the world on May 19th, 2019 for a full day of Empath Tools.

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