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A sign from the Universe can come from ANYWHERE. Here’s a true story.

It came after I had asked a question, like I do… That 76 point scrabble word: PATIENCE.  And it WAS a sign.  It had that sparkly tingly feel that signs often do.

IMG_8429.JPGBeautifully enough, about a half an hour before my husband and I had just been sitting in our living room discussing some aspects of our life and sussing out some things that we thought might add joy and ease to it.  As I do, and as I teach you to do in my book, I did what I always do when I have questions about my life that I don’t know the answer to– I got out my notebook and I wrote them down.  I used (as always) the most concise language that I could find.  I asked my Peeps (the benevolent unseen beings that help guide my life for the Highest Good) and my Highest Self for help.  I asked them to give me the answer.

They always do.

But sometimes it takes time.

Speed forward, it’s about the third move of the Scrabble game my husband and I are enjoying, when all the letters on my holder add up to the word Patienc… all I need is an “e” on the board.  I look down and there it is.  Now if you don’t play scrabble you might not know that when you play every letter you have (all 7) you get a bonus 50 points.  It’s so rare (for me anyway), that honestly I can’t recall ever doing it before.  I’ll remember this one though.  Last night, when I laid the letters on the board, P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E I actually felt the tingle in my body that lets me know that something “ordinary” is in fact “extraordinary.”  That instead of just a regular occurrence, my Peeps, my Highest Self were trying to tell me something.

“It’s our answer,” I said to my hub as I laid them on the board.  “Seriously honey, it is.  It’s all going to work out.”

There are a few other things that are interesting to me about this.  One, we knew it was all going to work out, but this confirmed it.  You know?  It provided that tell tale feeling of ease and peace in my body that let me know that we truly did not need to worry about this.

And also, it wasn’t really a direct answer.  It didn’t per say solve the problem that moment– or even tell us what to do.  But it was a clear guidance as to how the situation would unfold, that it would resolve over time, that it was being “managed,” and that the question had been heard.  In the meantime, the letters confirmed, we were not to get our undies in a bunch about it.

IMG_7968.JPGThirdly, just that day I had posted something on my Facebook page that said, “No matter what, we do not control the timing of the Universe.  This is why your friend Patience can be very helpful.”  So for me it was a double play, a sort of wink from the Universe if you will.  Like a, “You know, (wink) Patience…. You have a whole chapter in your book about this secret ingredient for success.”

I love these sorts of things.  Well, actually what I really love is getting direct feedback from the Universe over questions I have.  Anyone can get these– including you, whoever you are.  Sometimes from the outside they seem insignificant or simple, but from an internal perspective they feel profound.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  Have you had these experiences?  You can get answers from a Scrabble board!  Isn’t that amazing!  The Universe is vast and unlimited in the ways that it can speak to you.

P.S. If you’ve had experiences like this- that “simple feels profound” experience, I’d love to hear it. Please share!

P.P.S. If you want to know how to get this experience (well not the Scrabble exactly, but answers from your Highest Good about your life) I tell you how in my book. Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life.

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