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Let’s talk about ghosts!

I’m not trying to scare you here but the dead can hear you.  As any psychic medium will tell you they are actually still around.  Some people are more sensitive to this than others and can see, hear, or sense the deceased more easily—but no matter who you are– if you want to speak to your beloveds who have passed you can.  And they will get the message.  This is true if you say it out loud or in your mind.

PC: Jr Korpa

A few years ago a good friend of mine named Andy Royer died.  We knew he was dying so before he died I sat him down one day and told him all of the things I valued and loved about him and all the things that would remind me of him after he was gone.  One of them was travel.  I told him that I would remember him on my travels as this was a love that we shared.

One day, a couple of years ago I was sitting on the beach in Mexico drinking a beer.  The rest of my family had just vacated—they were all in the water playing so I was alone.  I kid you not as I was sitting there looking out over the scene enjoying it all I felt Andy sit down next to me on the beach and cheers his drink with mine. I could hear his voice in my mind as I felt him make himself comfortable on the sand and look out over the scene with me with (assumably) his own spirit Corona in hand!  Now if you had been looking at the scene from afar—unless you are a person who can actually see the dead—you would have seen a woman sitting alone.  Actually, I couldn’t see him either— at least not with the eyes on my head— I could just feel him and hear him.

This week a mutual friend of ours shared an experience of hearing Andy laugh and giggle over something that she was doing that was related to him.  I could actually go on and on of the experiences I’ve had with my dead friend Andy Royer—and some of them are quite funny.  But he’s not the only one.  At one point or another I’ve received communication from every beloved I’ve had who is no longer among the living.  Sometimes it comes in dreams—my grandfather and my cousin Shannon frequently show up that way.  When they arrive they usually don’t speak— nevertheless they are able to convey messages. I used to meet their presences with a greeting like, “Gramps! You’re dead!” even in my dream state I would recall that and say that to him.  My grandfather would usually smile wide and continue with whatever he was doing.  Other times the visits I’ve received are as I described with Andy on the beach—I can palpably sense their presence, hear their voice in my mind, or know that something that is happening right now is being caused by them.  Once I was sitting in our living room with my husband and a friend of ours named Sean—they were two of Andy’s closest male friends on earth.  Every time one of them would speak this tiny play farm set that my kids had (that was on the other end of the room and was not being touched by any human) would go, “Moooooooo!”  

PC: Kiarash Mansouri

The same happens to me occasionally when I’m doing readings.  (Well, not the mooing!)  To this day the most memorable was a client of mine’s sister.  As we were finishing our reading I heard her say (for me to pass to her sister), “You’ve got to take it by the balls Cathy!”  I repeated her message verbatim even though it was something I personally would have never said to her, and my client was like, “Oh my god that’s SO my sister!” We were both still giggling about it as we hung up the phone.

I’m telling you all of this because I want you to know that you don’t need an interpreter—a psychic like me or a professional psychic medium (whose work is specifically to convey messages of those who have gone)—to pass (and receive) messages from your beloveds. 

YOU can also say the things you need to say to them.  ALL the things.  It can be quite healing—especially if you never got the chance to sit down with your beloved like I did Andy and say those things while they were still in the flesh.  Also, for the record, even if you are mad at them.  You can also ask them for help.  They are happy to assist.  In fact, as with your benevolent ethereal guides (who are not always people you knew in life) your asking makes their helping a lot easier.  I usually caution my Intuition University students that generally speaking the deceased are skilled in the things that they were skilled at in life. So if for example your grandmother was a financial disaster—I don’t recommend you asking her for help to sort out your own finances. 🙂  You get what I mean?

In my own life, most often the visits I receive from my beloved deceased are really just about reminding me of our connection, affirming the love we shared, or in some cases commentary on what is happening (see previous moo example! 😉 ) 

PC: Gaelle Marcel

The other thing to remember is that as always in your communication— YOU are in charge.  If it scares you– or feels to be too much—or someone shows up who you don’t want to speak with then simply tell them you are not available or that they are not welcome here. You can say it in your mind or out loud.  You make the rules.  

This time of year, Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, they say the veil is thin—it is easier to communicate with the other side.  But the truth is—it’s always possible.  Whether you can hear your loved one’s voice or not– they can hear you.  Remembering this is sometimes useful for the healing of the living.  So maybe today you want to take your beloved sister or grandfather or cousin or whoever on a walk with you.  Maybe you want to do similar to what they do in Mexico and set out treats for your beloved passed.  Maybe you want to pay special attention for or to a particular moment or experience that feels significant, otherworldly, or out of time and know for certain in your heart that it is a message from your beloved beyond the grave.  Either way—whether it is today or next month—they wish you to know—they are available. 🙂

All my love,


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Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide, Intuition University founder, author of the book, “Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life.” She works with women who are ready to learn (and practice) the skills that will allow them to have confidence in their own innate intuitive power. She also teaches them how to work with their own ethereal guides (or ghosts. 😉 )Her next Intuition University program, Own Your Intuition, starts at the beginning of November. More about her and her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com.

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