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I wrote a book about intuition even for those who don’t read! What!?

It’s funny to say, but I wrote my book, Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life, with people who don’t actually read in mind.  I mean not at the foremost of my mind– but I truly included them, and here is why and how.

You know who you are, you come across a book that you think will have information you probably should know, and on a whim, or at an event you buy it.  You skim through it later that evening and maybe get into the first chapter.  Then, well, it sits on your table for a really long time.  Never getting more air time than the whim that caused you to buy it.  Still, you know it holds good stuff so you keep it around.Getting Answers by Aimee Cartier

One, I’ve done that with one or two books in my life.  But two, when I was writing my book I felt like I wanted the information finger-tip accessible for even those who don’t read.

Years before I came across the work of Marc Allen.  He’s is one of the founder’s of New World Publishing and the author of many works.  What I always loved about Marc Allen was his casual way of achieving great success.  It spoke to me.  He espoused on being a success and having a life.  He isn’t a nose-to-the-grindstone-at-the-cost-of-everything-else person.  He advocates, and seems to have achieved all of his accomplishment (which are many) in an easy style.  He is prayerful, high achieving, accomplished, balanced, and happy in his ways.  In the work I’ve seen, he also applies his easy manner to his books.  (Here is a piece I wrote a long time ago on some of my favorite pieces of his work.) His was the first book (and only so far) where I came a section designed for people who don’t read.  Haha! A book for people who don’t read.  I loved it.

We/you know who you are.

I modeled mine after him.  At the end of each chapter I have a summary, it bullet points all of the essential things you need to know of that chapter.  Things you need to know to get your own answers and use your intuition to discover your best life.  It covers the essentials of each step.  The list of things that even as a person who is unlikely to finish such a digestible (if I don’t say myself) book such as mine, can handle.  Bullet points.

The 10th chapter is likewise appropriated.  It’s a checklist for when you are feeling stuck.  For when you’re not getting the answers you need and you don’t know why.  That one isn’t just for people who don’t read a whole book, it’s also for people who do and have; for those who want to go back later and see why they might not be getting the results they want.

All in all, it’s very practical.  At least I think so! 😉

And I just wanted to share it with you, in case you are the sort of person who might read a blog from time to time, but are unlikely to pick up a book.  You can pick up mine– and you don’t even have to read it all the way through! More winking!

All my love,


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