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Aimée Cartier the “normal” psychic :)

This is the best thing that was said to me last week. When I asked one of my Intuition University students what her goal for doing my program was she said, “I want to be an example of a normal person using the innate gift of intuition.”

Then she went on to say, “I love that about you too! Whenever I talk about you I find myself saying– ‘But she’s really normal.’”

I had to laugh at that and tell her about the time I overheard my husband talking to two people who were saying something along the lines of “Your wife is a PSYCHIC!?” And he literally said, “Yes. But she’s totally normal. She doesn’t wear a turban or anything!” Can’t you just feel in that statement that the lack of a fortune-telling crystal ball was also alluded to?

If you know my husband  you know that he has very little filter system. If he thinks it, he usually says it out loud– AS the thought is forming.

But in earnest I totally get what my student and husband were saying – I feel totally normal too. And I do look “normal.” I don’t wear turbans or even the flowery hippy skirts of my 20’s. I look like a “regular 40 something female adult.” You know, I wear skinny jeans and flowy long tops with boots– because those are the things now! 😉 But for real, the behind the scenes of me, the access to a very sharpened intuition and psychic skills ARE just normal. And the reality of it is, that unless you are one of my students, or a client of mine, you probably won’t overhear me talking about feeling energy or what my guides are telling me.

Of course I’m probably not all that normal. I have an active relationship with my Highest Self. I do feel and understand messages from my guides all the time. I sometimes (for real) hear my dead friends laughing at jokes.  And I often just KNOW a lot of things.

If you are in my Empath Intuition University or Private Intuition University sessions you get very clear glimpses of what is going on behind my “normal”– of some of the perceptions that I am privy to on a regular basis.  But truth be told, I look “regular.” And I do feel as if I am!

So I kind of like being dubbed, “the normal psychic!” It suits my fancy, puts a smile on my lips and somehow seems to enliven the essence of a little inside joke– the kind that is both true and probably not—depending on what your “normal” is.



(the normal psychic)

Aimée Cartier is a psychic who neither wears turbans nor uses crystal balls. Through her Intuition University program she teaches others how to access their own innate psychic and intuitive knowing without these props too. She guides others to just claim the down right goodness and ease of intuitive knowing—and whatever you choose to wear.  She firmly believes and lives, “The answers are inside– no gizmos necessary.”  More about her and her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com.

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