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Do you want to know something tricky about your intuition?

I saw this bit of advice recently for entrepreneurs. It read, “All you need to know is the next step.” And I thought, “that’s how your intuition works too.” Sure it’s great to do some big visioning for yourself from time to time; and I recommend it. But the truth is your intuition, your sixth sense, is leading you all the time. But for most people, it leads you organically to the next step, then the next step, then the next step. Of course you do end up covering great distances when you actually follow through with your inner knowing’s advice. But here is the tricky thing: It will lead you to the next steps. But it might not tell you why.

You are likely to know once you do it though. Or at a minimum at some point later in the future! 😉 Sound like I’m being vague? Well I am a bit, but not purposely. I’m doing so because truly that’s usually the way that it feels and works.

Once my intuition led me to a little island near Seattle.  (In my book Getting Answers  I tell a few astounding pieces of this story– but not this one. I didn’t actually know this piece when I wrote my book!) At the time I was very clear that I was looking for my home. I had lived a lot of places, on purpose, and happily, but I knew I was now ready to find my place. I was tired of moving around and leaving behind friends whom I loved. But I also knew that I didn’t belong, on a deep level, to any of the places that I had previously lived. I was ready to change this.

I was guided to a little 8 (at its widest)  x 13 mile island in the Puget Sound. Now at the time I had no idea that this is where I would discover my heart home, that my man was also living here, and that eventually I would settle with him in the house he already lived in and raise a family with him. I didn’t know that he would build me a studio where I do readings, write and teach– on a certain piece of property that he already owned.

pic: Martin Halliwell

But do you want to know something funny about it? The place where I initially touched down on this island is JUST ACROSS the street from the very property that he owned then and that we now live on together and raise our family.

Isn’t that funny?

Of course I didn’t know that at the time. But for many years I did notice this curious feeling of wanting to drive into the driveway (where we now live) when I passed it. Though every time I checked in on the sensation it just exuded this subtle “a friend lives there” feeling not an action point of: “Yes! Drive in now!”

When my intuition guided me to this island where I have now lived for coming on 15 years, it did NOT say: “Your man is here. And in fact he lives ACROSS THE STREET! Also, you will raise a family there with him.”

If it had I would have probably scoffed. I would have likely walked right across the street introduced myself to my neighbor and assessed in a matter of moments, “There must be some kind of mistake. This is is not my man.” Though I didn’t know exactly what he looked like (obviously) I wouldn’t have been able to see him then. And I think vice versa. He and I weren’t ready for each other then. It would take another 7 or 8 years for our true intersection to arise.

What my intuition did say was, “Go to this island. Check this place out.” And when I did doors magically started to open like my whole body was the key.

As I said that was years before I actually met my husband and then another year or two before we ever started dating. BUT “coincidentally” in the months before my husband and I got together, the voice of my friend who still lived across the street was one of the people who mentioned to me “You know Jason isn’t seeing anyone. HINT. HINT.” as only girlfriends can.

I’m not implying that he was the only reason I landed here– though undoubtedly he is part of the package. No, this place suits me more than any other ever has. It’s the first place in the many I’ve lived where I knew undoubtedly, “This is my home. I can set up roots here. I can dig down and reach right in. I belong here. And I’m going to be here happily for a long time.”

But what I can tell you is, even knowing in hindsight what a pivotal and important place this island is to me now; that’s not the first message I got from my intuition. It just said, “Go.” Then it said the next thing and the next thing and the next thing, on and on until I reached this moment, the one I’m living in now. The one in which I’m typing in my studio across the street from the bed where I first slept those many years ago.

I think it’s helpful to know, that even for a seer like me, who frequently gets glimpses of the road ahead before it arises, for the most part this is how my intuition works too: One. Step. At. A. Time.

So don’t worry if that is where you find yourself. But don’t pause in mid-air and ask yourself that frequently doomed question, “WHY!?” at least not as a pre-requirement for taking your step. Just take a stride. If the “why” is for for you to know now, you will. But… just saying, you might have to wait for it. However, in my experience, the waiting is worth it all the same, and the why, when it arrives is frequently encased in joy.

Happy treading.



Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide, Intuition University founder, and an author. Through her Intuition University she teaches others the positive life empowering skill of accessing their own intuition … which inevitably leads them to goodness  🙂 More about her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com.

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