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I’m all about asking questions. Truly, I wrote a whole book on it. Okay, well not just on asking questions. But on a simple four-step formula that will help you discover the answer to any question you have about your life. And I mean that, any question. It’s a process that I would say a seer like myself knows and understands innately.  Any psychic I know who has picked up my book has always responded with, “Yes!”

But it’s not just for seers; it’s for anyone. That’s why I wrote the book; I wanted my students and clients to understand just how easy it is. Anyone can get the answers to their questions– you absolutely do not have to be a professional psychic like I am. That’s right, whether you feel you are intuitively gifted or not, it’s a simple process that is available to you. And today, I’m going to give you an insider tip on it.

But first, let me say, incase you are not familiar with my book, (It’s called, Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life, by the way.) if I had to distill this process down into one sentence I would say this: If you want answers, you need to ask questions. You heard me mention this briefly before in my recent post entitled, “The Universe is speaking to you all of the time. Identifying answers with a Signature of Spirit.”  As I say to my Intuition University students frequently, hemming and hawing about something that is not going right in your life or something you would like changed is a VERY DIFFERENT stance than asking a question.

Asking a question is like sending a beacon out to the Universe. Your beacon says loudly, “ANSWERS NEEDED HERE!” As opposed to, “Thinking about lots of things over here.” Once you do this, the Universe/your guides (the benevolent ethereal beings that help you behind the scenes), your Highest Self then know, it’s time to get on the job and provide.

But I said I was going to give you an insider tip. And here it is. If you are looking for experiences to happen, frame your questions in a way that allows the answer to be an experience.

For example if I ask, “What steps do I need to take to make this summer full of fun for our family but also productive and fruitful for me work wise?” That will lead me to the knowledge about the steps. While that can be very helpful, sometimes, at least for me right now, it just feels like more items to add to my To Do list.

Even a subtle change like, “How can we easily have a summer that is full of fun for our family but also productive and fruitful for me work wise?” can make a difference in the outcome of the question.

Or even better, “What does a summer that is full of fun for our family but also productive and fruitful for me work wise feel like?” There—I am asking directly to have that experience. To get my question answered I must have the experience.

Can you tell the difference? One question generates a list for me? The others guide me toward having the experience.

Here is another perhaps clearer example that could be on your list, if finding a relationship was a subject you wanted to discover.  You can ask, “How do I find a partner that is right for me?” Or, even better, you could ask, “What does it feel like to have a loving, nurturing relationship with someone who partners well with me?”

Do you see the difference?

“How do I experience harmony in my relationship?” And “What do I need to do to create harmony in my relationship?” are different questions, different results.  With the one you will get the experience, with the other you will receive the insight.

It’s subtle, but potent. In many cases, you want the experience. So why not ask for it directly?

If you’d like to know more about this process I wrote my book for you. It’s even detailed in bullet points at the end of each chapter, and a has checklist in the last chapter, for those of you who don’t ever read a self-help book cover to cover. (You know who you are. I may or may not be one of you. 😉  )

If a book is not your thing, no biggie.  Start asking questions, and watch yourself live your way into the answers.  It’s a magic unfolding every time.



Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide, author, and the founder of Intuition University. In all aspects of her work she helps others align with the BEST that life has to offer them– whether that is by teaching them to use their own intuitive skills, or by using hers.  To find out more about her work or discover how to work with Aimée go to www.AimeeCartier.com.

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