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Baby/toddler head kisses… Sigh.

Recently I was at a party with a large number of women with babies and toddlers.  (Okay it was a two-year-old birthday party.) But many of the women there also seemed to have just had their second child too.

I was standing in conversation with several of them when I noticed this thing that I do all the time, but had never really thought of: kiss the top of my children’s heads.  Just randomly and whenever they are in my arms.Head Kiss Atalie and Aimee Aimee Cartier blog

I watched several mothers throughout the evening, little babes in arms do this, and it was just so touching.  The woman could be in mid conversation, literally, and the impulse would over take her.  So without thinking she would punctuate her sentence with a little kiss on a downy head before starting the next.

It was so sweet and beautiful and it made me smile inside and out to witness it from the outside.

My son is almost four, so already the baby head kiss business has changed.  He’s not in my arms as often, he sometimes has opinions about whether or not he wants a kiss.  But the little ones, they are still so much an extension of you that they don’t notice (really), any more than you do, that you just planted a smooch on their little face or head.

Ever since I was at this party I’ve been aware of the sweetness and the ephemeral nature of these lovely head kiss moments.  I’ve yet to have my daughter notice (as in balk).  For her, it’s just a part of her existence and has been since the day she was born: random head kisses from her parents= totally normal.  Such a lovely way to start a journey.

So glad I noticed it while we are still here.



Baby head kisses. Get em while you can. Aimee Cartier blog

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