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Empath – You’ve Got Sparkle!

I can still remember one evening sitting in a restaurant with my family when the door opened and a woman walked in.  I wasn’t even facing the door and I turned to look.  As I did so I noticed that every other head within my vicinity had also done so.  Now I should say, I don’t have a habit of looking to see who just walked in. Usually I don’t even notice. Also, this woman didn’t do a single thing other than open the door to a restaurant—and yet handfuls of eyes turned to look at her.  We couldn’t help it.  Our eyes were just drawn to her.  Her shiny presence drew us like moths to a flame.  She was an empath.

PC: Dawid Zawila

When I’m teaching I often hear my Empath Intuition University students mention how others are drawn to them.  I call it empath sparkle. 🙂  I can’t really explain it—but I see that it is true. As long as you are not depleted– just like the woman in the restaurant that evening– eyes will fall on you. People will notice you.  Some will even sidle up and tell you things that you probably have no business knowing about them!?  That’s another characteristic thing that happens to empaths—people tell you things.  Even people you don’t really know!  Whenever I tell this in class the empaths in my class chuckle—because most of them have a story or two like I do:  I’m standing in line at the grocery store when the next thing I know, this stranger standing next to me—like a person who doesn’t even know my name– starts telling me things about her life.  Revealing things about her emotional life and asking me for advice.  She’s talking to me as though we are old friends and have had many conversations and yet I don’t know her name and have never spoken to her before.  That’s the memory that always surfaces when I mention this topic to other empaths. It’s just a thing that happens when you are empathic.   

Sometimes a student or two will pipe up with—“How do I stop it—how can I stop from being noticed!?”  I usually break it to them that you probably can’t do anything about it.  That woman who walked into the restaurant wasn’t doing anything to try to attract attention.  We just couldn’t help but feel the pull of her—we felt the sparkle and wanted a gander!  I usually advise—on some level you had better just get used to it.  As long as your energy is not depleted you are likely be on display– whether you like it or not eyes will move in your direction.  

PC: Luiz Clas

I can’t teach you how to stop it— but I can teach you how to hone that sparkle!  I can show you how your empathic abilities are good for adding shine and uplifting others. I can teach you how to use them to add more goodness to this world—in a purposeful and out loud kind of way.  And that IS what I teach my students toward the end of my Empath Intuition University program (after they’ve learned how to be in control of their abilities and the practices that help them keep balanced in their own energy).  

Because the truth is, once you’ve mastered the overwhelm of what it can mean and feel like to be empathic (meaning, to be picking up on all the other emotions in the room all the time), there are many beautiful ways that you can use it to make light.

One of my recent graduates said it best a couple of weeks ago.  I asked her what her biggest take home messages from her Empath Intuition University experience were and she said,  “That I don’t have to continuously suffer because I can feel other people’s emotions. AND I now realize that if I am in a healthy place my empathic ability can act as a lens that makes me like a lighthouse—illuminating space and giving positive direction.”  Isn’t that a gorgeous knowing?

PC: Fausto Garcia

So empath— know—that’s you too!  Whether you like it or not, you’ve got sparkle!  Even if it scares you sometimes—or feels inconvenient—it’s okay! It’s good actually!  It’s a privilege and an honor to be able to use your innate sparkle to uplift others.  You can buoy others, by being yourself.   You don’t do it by solving every problem that anyone else has—or constantly over volunteering yourself for every challenge you can feel is happening around you.  You do it by being yourself—by being your shiny, uplifted self as much as you possibly can.  

If you are ready to hone that sparkle and master your empathic abilities then join me for Empath Intuition University. The next class starts Wednesday September 25th!  I’d love to see your shiny being there!



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