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Is life feeling intense?

For months I’ve been seeing a kind of wide spread super intensity in people’s lives: Clients, students, self, friends. It’s more than I have ever seen before—more rampant—more all encompassing. Are you having this same experience?

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It looks different for each person I see.  For some it’s related to their children, or their parents, or their job, or their relationship, or the surfacing of past trauma and pain—or many of these at once. And yet, again and again these last few months I see that SO many—are being stretched and torn and having the feeling that life is INTENSE right now.

If this is you I want to say a couple of things to you.

The first is— you are not alone.  I know that whatever you are dealing with is specific and personal to you.  I know that you may not know anyone else experiencing the same set of circumstances—and they may not be—exactly.  And yet they are.  Human beings everywhere are experiencing an intensity of being right now.

The planet is on fire. Big things are happening. Shocking and appalling things are in the news and so we are aware of deception and terrible things happening behind the scenes.  Emotions are surfacing in big ways.  This is real and this is happening all over.  So know that you are not alone—first and foremost.  

Secondly I want to tell you what I do when I’m experiencing an acute state of intensity—something that I’ve relied upon myself in the last few months.


I know you’ve heard me speak of it before (here, and here, and here.)  I know if you read my blog and know my work, and certainly if you are a student of mine you know that this is a regular practice of mine.    

Do you want to know why it is the practice I rely upon and do more of when I am feeling the weight and intensity of life?

Because of all the self-help/happy making tools I know—and believe me I know many—it’s the one that connects me to my own unshakable well of strength.  This is the one that reminds me it is there.  It’s also the one that activates the prefrontal cortex of my brain—that’s the part that gives me access to higher reasoning.  It connects me to truths ancient and wise. And sometimes it just gives my body a break.

I don’t want to imply to you that every time I sit to meditate I have amazing experiences.  Or that I get fantastic intuitive information that helps me guide my life.  Sometimes I sit and discover time and time again that my mind is going back to my To Do list.  That’s real. That happens.  Sometimes I sit to meditate and I can feel the silence that surrounds us all.  That’s real too.

But even so— no matter which way it has gone with this particular sit I can always feel its benefit.  My body is relaxed—it has been given permission to sit and NOT INTAKE information.  How rare is that these days!?  It’s such a relief!

Want to know how great meditation is for you?  Google it.

Seriously, just google “benefits of meditation.”  You’ll find article after article and list after list coming at it in different ways. 

Throughout my career teaching others to access their intuition I’ve had many students tell me that they’ve wanted to meditate, or they’ve tried but they just couldn’t get it to work.  Below is the list of resources that I give to them.  One resource or another usually helps them finally make this a regular practice. 

Those that do make this transition to a regular meditation practice tell me later it’s the one practice that they can’t live without, or the one that makes the biggest positive difference in their lives.  All meditators say this.

So let me make it really simple.

If you are feeling the intensity of life: meditate.  If you already meditate—meditate more.  Set up a morning, noon, and night practice.

If you have never meditated—use my list. Even though it may seem intimidating, meditating can really be as simple as sitting in one place and watching your breath.  When you discover yourself going back to your To Do list or the intense aspects of your life—you simply bring your awareness back to the breath.  If you feel like you need extra resources or support use my list as a place to start.  Many seem to discover that guided meditations help them when they are starting. Invest the time in discovering how you can best access a sitting practice.  You won’t regret it.

Especially if life is feeling IN-TENSE right now.

I want you to have peace. I want you to feel yourself relax. I want you to be able to reacquaint yourself with the goodness—or at the very least use the tool that will help you feel that you’re going to be okay.  Because you are.   And meditating will get you there faster.



P.S. Also helpful: Tapping. I always say if you only know one self-help tool tapping is the one to know. It’s easy to learn and once you do takes less than a minute to do. All the details are here.

Meditation Resources

The following is a list of resources related to meditation.  They are various angles and ways into a practice that can sometimes feel daunting for people. 

  • Glow.com has some meditation teachers. Surf around to find your favorites.
  • There is a meditation app called “Insight Timer” for your phone. I think of it like a personal meditation cheerleader on your phone!  It also allows you to choose meditations of all sorts: guided, mantra, chanting, music, etc.  You can also choose your meditation based on the length of time you wish to sit– including a meditation as short as one minute!  You may also discover all kinds of meditation teachers through this app.

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