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Permission to Follow Your Intuition!

Once I had a friend who started dating a woman.  I liked her– I had fun in her presence.  She seemed fun-loving and goofy– qualities I appreciate.  Even so, from the very first evening I spent time in her company I had a very distinct inner feeling that equated to this: “I would trust her as far as I could throw her.”  I’m not a weight lifter– so you can pretty much imagine where this would lead me, or her, as the case may be– approximately 6-12 inches away from me. Not far.  Not far enough to carry something of true value to me.

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She didn’t feel dangerous. I just felt that something was off. There was a volatility I sensed in her presence– like what I was seeing and experiencing was only one version of her. 

I could feel it.  It wasn’t really a big deal for me.  I didn’t even feel the need to warn my friend, who I could clearly see was on his own mission of discovery.  He and this woman were enjoying themselves immensely at the time and that seemed right for them at the time too.

Once though during this time it did come up in conversation with my husband– he was baffled by my read on the situation.  I just shrugged.  I honestly didn’t care if anyone else got it, or believed me.  I’ve spent years and years listening to my own intuition. I know its voice. I know I can trust it.  I couldn’t explain it either– meaning I couldn’t give a single concrete example that would demonstrate why or how I felt this way– I just knew it. So I didn’t bother trying to explain it.

Fast forward a few months– when my friend came to me to tell me about the sort of crazy behavior his girlfriend was now exhibiting. She was having these mildly unstable, sort of strange personality quirks that he was having a really hard time understanding. He had even gone so far as to reach out to others in her life, previous partners, to try to comprehend it.  They had suggested to him that this woman was bi-polar. 

When my friend told me, he didn’t have to explain much.  I got it. It was the same thing I had originally felt in this woman’s presence the first night I spent time with her.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because I’ve noticed is that all too often people feel they need permission to follow their own intuitive impulses or to see them as valid information to be heeded and acted upon when necessary, especially if there is no immediate “proof.”

If you secretly wish that someone would tell you it is okay to follow your own inner knowing or intuitive senses, I’ve got a few things to say:

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  • I give you permission.  You don’t need my permission, but if it will help you in your process, I’m giving it to you.  You can tell yourself that a professional psychic who also has an Intuition University gave you permission to count on and act upon your own intuitive knowing.  I’ve lived for years and years using and following my own intuitive impulses and I can tell you that it is safe to do so.  And furthermore, it leads to ALL kinds of goodness
  • It doesn’t matter whether other’s can recognize your inner knowing or not. It’s for you.  What I knew that first evening was that despite outward appearances and the appreciation I had for her fun-loving spirit, this woman would not be a wise choice in good girlfriends or confidants for me.  Months later, it also gave me a sympathetic and understanding ear when my friend came to me with his confusion.
  • Let your own experience guide you from here on out. Like my example, what follows will very likely shed light upon the knowing you receive.  “The proof is in the pudding,” it is said.  Following through on your intuitive impulses, paying attention to them, acting on them when necessary, will give you the information you need to know about your own intuitive knowing.  It’s worth noting that you it may take time for that information to be revealed—like it did for me in this story.  However, even if your intuition tells you things that can’t be proven, you’ll know its accuracy by what happens afterward.  That in itself should give you all the permission you need to take your intuitive impulses and knowing seriously and to act on them, should they require it.  🙂

I’m rooting for you! Own your Intuition!  You can!



Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide, author of “Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life,”and the founder of Intuition University.  In either private training or group programs she teaches women who have a hard time trusting their own intuition to understand and enhance their own intuitive traits. She guides them to owning their own intuition so they can use these skills to thrive and guide them to their best lives their whole life long. More about her and her work can be found at www.AimeeCartier.com.

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